Tommy Unold Height, Age, Net Worth, Parents and Biography

Tommy Unold age and net worth

Tommy Unold is an American Content creator on TikTok who became famous for his witty public interview question videos. He also posted multiple gaming videos from Twitch onto his TikTok.

Tommy Unold Biography

Tommy Unold was born on 1st June 2001 in California. He was raised in Michigan. He has a younger sister named Ally who he has repeatedly featured in his TikTok videos. He has also featured his mum in a few of his earliest TikTok videos.

Unold attended Mattawan High School. He featured in a school production adaptation of the TV show Get Smart he was part of the school basketball team.

Unold streams on Twitch and has over 198 thousand followers on the streaming platform. In 2019, he started his YouTube channel, where he also has more than 170k subscribers on his channel and a total of 62 million views on all his videos. He shared a few popular videos of his Twitch streams on his TikTok account to get more fan following. He received a silver play button from YouTube for attaining more than 100 thousand subscribers. In November 2021, he released a compilation video on TikTok with the caption “Asking girls what their body count is” that earned over 18 million views. He has amassed 11 million on his TikTok account.

He also shares pictures with his friends on his Instagram handle where he has thousands of followers.

Tommy Unold Net Worth

As of 2022, Tommy Unold has a net worth of $1 million.

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