Isabella Etim Ayomobi Biography & Net Worth

Isabella Etim Ayomobi’s Biography.

Isabella Etim Ayomobi, popularly known as “Isy Ayomobi is a professional celebrity dancer, model and fashion influencer.

If you are searching through Instagram for famous Nigerian professional dancers, then Isy Ayomobi would be on the top of that list. The 21-year-old celebrity became an icon when one of her Instagram dance videos went viral. After which, she was invited to grace several and famous artists dance videos. Although she gets paid for her dance videos, this Queen of Latin music has other means of income.

Isy has gorgeous and flawless skin, which she periodically flaunts on social media. Her fair and gracious skin has gained her several modelling gigs and paid adverts.

The beautiful dancer is currently in a relationship. Although details on the relationship and the person she is dating is not revealed. Isy loves to maintain her relationship life private. Nevertheless, one can get across to her and know more about her daily lifestyle through her Instagram page; @Isabellaayomobi.



Isabella Etim Ayomobi  Growing Up.

Isabella Etim Ayomobi was born on the 17th of September 1999. She was born into a family of four and is the second child of her parents. Isabella was brought up by a single parent, “her mother,” because her father is late. Isy hails from Uyo, Akwa Ibom state but was born and brought up in Abuja, where she had her early education.

The name ” Ayomobi” does not imply that she is a descendant of the Yoruba race. “Ayomobi” is her Akwa_Ibom surname.

Isy has always had a flair for dancing ever since she was just a child. However, it wasn’t until she started creating dance content on social media before she became known.


Isabella had her secondary school education in Capital Science Academy, Abuja. She graduated from the University of Lagos, according to what was documented on her Facebook page.

How Isy Ayomobi’s Career Started.

Isy had always loved dancing from a very tender age. However, as of the time, there were limited avenues to showcase her talent.

In recent times, the rise of social media has created an opportunity for Isy to make her talents known to the world. She started posting dance videos on her Instagram page and then became noticed after posting a particular dance video of herself. She gained massive followers on Instagram and since then became a celebrity. Isy currently has around 128,000 followers on Instagram, with an engagement of 7.5k.

Another thing that kick-started Isy’s career as a dancer and celebrity icon is her beauty and flair for modelling. She is considered one of the most sought after models and lifestyle influencers in the Nigerian fashion industry. Her constant boasting and show_off of her beautiful skin has earned her more attention than most Nigerian dancers ever got.



Isabella Etim Ayomobi Career Breakthroughs.

We all know how much dancers have been relegated to the background, no matter how amazing they might have been. It’s not like they are not given credits or .recognized; it’s just that people tend to focus more on the shows they put upon rather than the personality itself. Only a smaller percentage of dancers have been able to make a firm name for themselves through dancing.

Isabella Etim Ayomobi rose above most of the obstacles faced by most dancers when one of her dance videos went viral on Instagram. Since then, several top Nigerian artists have sought her talent.

Her engagement in fashion and lifestyle influencing added to the allure. Although this young Nigerian icon still has a lot to achieve within the Nigerian entertainment and fashion industry, she has been doing wonderfully well so far.

Isabella Ayomobi’s Memorable Moments.

One of Isabella’s memorable moments, and maybe even the first of many within the entertainment industry, was when one of her dance contents went viral. The viral dance video opened up several opportunities for her.

Other memorable moments for Isabella is when she was recognized by top Nigerian music artistes like Kiss Daniel.


Although Isabella Etim Ayomobi hasn’t bagged any official awards yet, but she is been recognized within the Nigerian entertainment industry as a notable dancer and fashion influencer. Her followers, engagements, and constant likes on her Instagram page show that many are being recognised. It is no doubt that in the nearest future, the Nigerian icon would be nominated for awards.



Isabella Etim Ayomobi Net  Worth.

Isabella Etim Ayomobi is a hustler. As previously mentioned, apart from dance videos, she also gets paid through adverts, modelling and other side hustle related to lifestyle influencing. Although there isn’t a fixed price on her network, studies have shown that her estimated net worth is around 50,000 US Dollars.

Other Interesting Facts To Note.

It would be worthwhile to note that Isabella is already making headways within the fashion industry. On the 3rd of February 2021, Isabella was made the model of the day for the City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine. A trending fashion weekly report with Funke Bamigbade. An article on the latest fashion was posted online with Isabella Ayomobi as the guest model that showcased the fashion outfits described in the article.





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