Benita Onyiuke Biography, Net Worth & Movies


Benita Onyiuke’s Biography

Basic Information

Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu is a hotshot Nigerian actress, movie producer, director, Television personality, and model. She came into stardom when she contested in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) competition in 2014, where she represented Benue state. She has since then developed herself from just being a model to an actress, producer, and even a scriptwriter.

Benita is fast rising with her being a household name. This talented woman is also an entrepreneur and she is the founder of Bnit Production Movies and Beauty Affairs by Bnit Salon. Her production company has produced many best-selling movies and is quickly making waves.

She has starred in and produced many movies. Benita is not all work, she is a wife and a mother. She has a lot of awards and nominations to her name, it is only right for a hardworking person to be acknowledged.

Benita has a strong social media following, with 147,000 followers on Instagram. You can follow her on her verified Instagram handle @benitaonyiuke.


Growing Up.

Benita’s exact age is unknown but she is supposed to be in her late 20s or early 30s, she was born in Enugu state but an indigene of Enugwu Ukwu a town in Anambra state.


She is an alumnus of Abia State University, other information about the course of study and the likes is undisclosed.

How Benita’s Career Started.

Benita started acting some years back after she made her big break representing Benue state at the MBGN. Her being versatile and her open attitude to any role at the time opened doors for her. She quickly made her way to the acting scene and excelled tremendously. 

As the hustler that she is, she created her production and saloon business sequentially. 


Benita Onyuike Movies Feature

Some of the movies Benita has featured in include the following:

  • Tears of Omasiri
  • When You See Me.
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • When The Heart Calls
  • Indifference
  • Sorrowing Wind
  • Love Delayed
  • Weapon of Love
  • Bruised
  • Before my Eyes
  • The attraction 
  • Heart for Sale
  • My Beloved Sister
  • Love and obsession 
  • Picture Us
  • Love tricks
  • Sleeping With my Boss

And she has directed just as many movies as the movies she has featured in. Benita won the Screams Awards Best New Actor of the year in 2019. Benita is a queen of the Epic genre though she is not limited to that.


Personal life

Benita is usually called “Mrs. U ” by friends and acquaintances because of her husband Ugochukwu. The union is blessed with 3 children, Kayla, Manny, and Somkelechukwu. How she balances her many professions with family life is a secret many will like to know.


Benita’s Memorable Moments

Becoming a wife and a parent is the highlight, having your little people to dote on and knowing they love you right back. Benita is like a mother hen in the way she protects her clan. Celebrity marriages may tend not to last but Benita is ready to give her all to make hers stand the test of time, in her words, there is no perfect marriage you just have to make yours work.

Benita Onyuike Net Worth

Benita is rated among the richest and influential actresses in Nigeria, her net worth is estimated to be $400,000. 

Other Interesting Facts 

Benita is a fashion lover; this information can be guessed through her sense of dress off and on the red carpet. She is not one to be caught having a bad hair day or not looking her best, just know that whenever you meet Benita expect her to be picture perfect. Benita is also a travel-lover with the way she takes vacations all around the globe.


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