Mercy Kenneth Biography, Net Worth, Age & Movies

Mercy Keneth Biography Age

Mercy Kenneth Biography

Basic Information

Mercy Kenneth Adaeze is a fast-rising teenage actress, comedienne, singer and content creator, brand influencer. The teenage actress has earned thousands of followers on YouTube with just as many views on her videos, her videos are entertaining and fun to watch, she makes her 50,000 and more viewers laugh and keep wanting for more.

Mercy Kenneth has starred in a series of Nollywood movies since she has commenced her acting career. She started as a child actress and has since then grown into a force to reckon with, earning herself roles in top Nollywood movies.

Mercy Kenneth is also a social media brand influencer, representing and being the face of top brands in Nigeria.

The young talented lady is very active on social media, her social media handles are Instagram @Mercykenneth_ Facebook @Mercy Kenneth.



Growing Up And Education.

Mercy was born on 8th April 2009, in Lagos. She attends Hanna Teck International college, Ojo, Lagos state. Mercy Kenneth’s parents have always supported her in the path she has chosen. Mercy hails from the eastern part of Nigeria in Imo state but was born and raised in the western part.

Mercy Kenneth is not an old child, she has 4 siblings who are all boys and all older than her. Possible suitors need to watch their backs because these brothers will protect their sister from all forms of heartbreaks.

How Mercy Kenneth’s Career Started.

The industry has seen many child actors come and go, but one thing all of them have in common is how they all rose to fame. Mercy started acting as a child, making her major career breakthrough via her comedy videos going viral, making her way to YouTube, and building her Youtube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. Brand influence came along when she was already in stardom and this teenager has been making exploits in the entertainment industry. Mercy sometimes models for top fashion brands in Nigeria.

She has since then made a name for herself and it doesn’t seem like she will be exiting from the entertainment industry anytime soon.


Mercy’s Most Memorable Moments

It is no secret that Mercy is a Christian and a strong believer, finding God and building her spiritual life has been a journey like no other. This pastor’s daughter is living up to expectations.

Mercy Kenneth Movie features

Mercy Kenneth has featured in different movies over time.

  • My Daughter’s Sacrifice
  • Critical oath
  • Arrows of Love
  • Unloved Beautiful Demon
  • Just for Nothing
  • Anabel Let Love Lead
  • Princess is Mine
  • Peacemaker
  • Daddy’s Daughter 
  • Along came Love
  • Battle Cry
  • My house rent 
  • Release me
  • The Witches Water
  • Vendetta
  • The Evidence
  • Child Molester
  • My Father’s Wife is a Fool

These and so many more are not on the list. On the other hand here is a list of some of her comedies:

  • Pour me water
  • Incomprehensible
  • Natural HIV Package
  • Tell Jesus not to come like a Thief
  • Anointed Armed Robbers
  • She knows how to lie

Don’t forget that Mercy Kenneth is also a singer and here are her songs:

  • Teacher Adaeze
  • Original Mama.

There you have it grab a bowl of popcorn and check out some of Mercy Kenneth’s work.



In her little time in the Entertainment industry, mercy Kenneth has earned herself recognition, she has acted with the Creme De La Creme of Nollywood the likes of; Oge Okoye, Kenneth Okonkwo, Patience Ozorkwo, Marianne Apollo, Chinyere Wilfred, Jnr Pope, Ruth Kadiri, Ken Erics, Regina Daniels, and others. 

She won the Esteemed Nigerian Youth Award in the Talented Kid of the Year Award category.



Mercy Kenneth Net Worth

Kenneth’s net worth is not specific but estimated to be about $20,000 to $50,000 all being earnings from her Youtube videos, acting gigs, and others, making her one of the most influential and richest teenagers in the country.

Other Interesting Facts

Due to the name Kenneth, Mercy Kenneth is rumored to be the daughter of the Nollywood superstar Kenneth Okonkwo and Mercy herself backs this rumor up, however, her father is said to share the same name as the actor, a mere Coincidence and the biological parents are Pastor and Mrs. Okonkwo, her father is the CEO of Global Update Movies Ltd.


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