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sandra okunzuwa biography

Sandra Okunzuwa’s Biography

Basic Information

Sandra Ese Okunzuwa is an upcoming Nollywood actress, a lawyer, model, entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist.

Sandra founded a Humanitarian Nongovernmental organization (NGO) where she does charity work and gives back to society. This foundation is of course named after her.

Sandra is beautiful, talented, and making an impact in the world just at the young age of 25. She is an amazing soul that many young girls look up to as a mentor.

Sandra’s career and personal life have been quite interesting and more will be revealed as you read on.

Sandra has a strong social media following, with 92.8 thousand followers on Instagram. You can follow her on her verified Instagram handle @sandraokunzuwa.


Growing Up.

Sandra was born on the 25th of February 1996. Sandra is from the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria in Edo State. 

Personal Information about her family is unknown as she kept that part of her life protected from prying eyes and ears. 

Sandra has always had the support of her parents to be whomever she wants to be, having their support made her seek out the adventurous side of her personality.


Sandra started her primary education at Tender Kiddies Foundation in Sapele, Delta state Nigeria. After the completion of her primary education, Sandra moved to her state of origin in Edo started her secondary education, where she attended Federal Government Girls College(FGGC) in Benin earning herself her high school certificate. Sandra continued her education by going to the prominent University of Benin where she studied law and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB). This smart and beautiful Lawyer then went further in her quest to be the best by going to Law School, she was called to Bar and became a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

How Sandra’s Career Started.

Her interest in entertainment has been picked since she was in primary school and was involved in extracurricular activities like literary and debate, cultural dance, and drama.

Sandra made an entrance into Nollywood a few years ago and has since then been getting roles back to back due to her talent and laid-back personality. She has starred in 40 movies so far give or take which is such a great feat for a newbie. 


Sandra Okunzuwa Career Breakthroughs

The movie “The Blind Spot” in 2018 brought her to limelight, she featured as young “Ekemini”. This role helped catapult her career as an actress to the next level, she then went further to feature in a best-selling hit movie “Paternity Deal”. In 2019 Sandra played the lead actress in the movie “Dear Dianne” and 2020 the lead role in the movie “Second Chance”. Sandra is quickly climbing the ladder to fame and leaving marks along the way.

Sandra is the co-founder of “Ardnas and Sludge Limited” which is an entertainment service company with the other co-founder is her sister Onome Sally Okunzuwa, the company was founded in 2018.

Sandra is also the owner of beauty stores “Swit Girls” and “Wig Excel” these beauty stores specialize in the sales of human hair, artificial hair extensions, and other feminine beauty products.

In addition to all of her enterprises is of course her Humanitarian work “Sandra Okunzuwa Foundation”, which oversees her charity work.

Sandra’s Memorable Moments

Sandra’s memorable moments are when she got her first car and her first lead role.

Challenges And Sacrifice

One of Sandra’s biggest sacrifices was movie away from friends and family in Edo state to pursue her acting career in Lagos state and then having to pause her law career for a while.

Her biggest challenge in Nollywood is going to auditions and proving to a room full of critics that she is more than good enough for each role.


Notable Achievements

Sandra has featured in a lot of movies in her short time of making an entrance into the acting scene, some of the movies she has featured are listed below:

  • Paternity Deal
  • Dear Dianne
  • Second Chance
  • The Blind Spot
  • Grumpy Grannies
  • Ozioma
  • Hunt for Destiny 
  • Pure 
  • The Teacher
  • Austerity

These and many more are movies that the talented Sandra Okunzuwa have conquered and acted beautifully by interpreting her roles well.


Sandra Okunzuwa Awards And Recognition.

Sandra is recognized as one of the fast-rising Nollywood actresses to watch out of, she has acted with the big names in Nollywood the likes of; Rita Dominic, Racheal Oniga, Olu Jacobs, Seun Akindele, Christian Paul, Kiki Omeili, and directors like; Cletus Clement, Tom Robson, and other amazing individuals. 

There are no official Awards yet to her name but with the way her fans her raving about her and her creativity and talent it won’t be long before she has a collection of Awards.


Sandra Okunzuwa Net Worth

Sandra’s net worth is approximately $300,000 all earnings from her law career, businesses, and film-making career. These earnings made her one of the richest and influential actresses in Nollywood.

Other Interesting Facts

Sandra is among the few Nigerian celebrities who still practice their initial chosen profession and combine it with whatever form of art they are into. Sandra still practices law although her law is currently on hold for the time being.

Sandra is still very much single but rumored to be in a serious relationship with a mystery man, all the best to Sandra and her beau.


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