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Ibrahim Suleiman biography

Biography of Ibrahim Suleiman

Ibrahim Onimisi-Suleiman is one of the few versatile celebrities in Nigeria, calling him just an entertainer will be limiting him or ignoring his other talents. Ibrahim Suleiman is an Architect, Choreographer, Writer, Poet, Author, T.V presenter, Voice artist, Content developer, aspiring chef among many things unknown to people who aren’t close to him.

Ibrahim Suleiman is an interesting man with his many talents and career paths and he can’t pick which one he loved the most but it is not news that he became popular with dance, choreography, and acting. The entertainment industry has been more favorable to him in bringing him to prominence.

He rose to fame when his dance crew won the first Malta Guinness Street Dance National Championship. He then went ahead to represent the country in a few international competitions. Suleiman then got a role in the popular drama series Tinsel, his good interpretation of the role won the hearts of Nigerians and he became a Nollywood sensation.

Just because Suleiman’s career as an entertainer took off doesn’t mean he ignored his architecture career or his other profession that does not align with entertainment rather he nurtured them all, more would be said about his career later on in this post.

Suleiman has a decent active social media life and followers and his Instagram handle is @ibrahimsuleimanofficial and his Twitter handle is @edomalo.


Growing Up.

Suleiman was born in the year 1983 on September 25th. He hails from Edo state Nigeria but was born and bred in the Northern part of the country in Kaduna state. He started dancing at the age of 18 years while he was in his third year at the University.

¬†Suleiman is always talking about the beautiful relationship between him and his mother and how she supported him in his chosen career even though it started as an adventure for him. There is not much information about his childhood days and it isn’t known if he has any siblings.

Ibrahim Suleiman Education.

Suleiman studied Architecture at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. In his own words, he loved architecture the way one space leads to another and how it isn’t just about building but creating an experience with building.¬†

He didn’t attend any dance school to be taught how to dance or the art of choreography but rather was influenced by friends and those close to him. Although the person who influenced his dancing the most is none other than the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.



Ibrahim Suleiman Career Breakthroughs

In 2008 Suleiman and his crew The SoulQuest (YWAPs dance department) partook in the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa which they won, and then went ahead to represent Nigeria in international dance competitions, he did dance-inspired Television commercials for big brands like MTN, Unilever, Guaranty Trust bank and the likes. Suleiman then went ahead to become Malta Guinness, Peak Milk, and Guaranty trust bank brand ambassador.¬† The most memorable of Suleiman TV commercials is “The Man In The Box” for MTN’s SME campaign. Where he stayed for 87 hours at a stretch in a billboard box.

He then got an acting role in the drama series Tinsel, which was how his acting career began.

From Television commercials to acting and hosting events the handsome Nollywood sensation has won the hearts of people with the outstanding way he plays his role and how he continues to soar in his other professions. To say that he is one of the most dynamic individuals in the entertainment industry is not a gain-saying.

Suleiman’s Memorable Moments.

His many talents show that Suleiman is a man who can not be overlooked in Nollywood, he is not ready to be limited to just one profession and he is a goal-getter. Starting his own family and being the father his son can look up to takes the cake on every one of his accomplishments being a mentor to the younger generation, a loving husband, perfect son, and good colleague, and finding balance while doing them all.

Ibrahim Suleiman Wife and Child

Suleiman is married to the super talented and award-winning actress Linda Ejiofor, they were friends and colleagues first. They both worked together on set while filming the drama series Tinsel before going ahead to tie the knot a few years after. The union is blessed with a son named Keon Iman Suleiman born July 9th, 2020.



Ibrahim Suleiman Net Worth

This multi-talented individual has acquired quite a level of wealth for himself, Suleiman’s net worth is said to be over $500,000. He is among the richest entertainers in the industry.

Other Interesting Facts.

He is said to have an interesting family because he has relatives from all parts of the country: Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, the middle belts, and even the Dutch. Love is indeed a universal connector, tribe and language should not limit us in finding the right person.


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