Charly Boy Biography, Net Worth, Wife & More

Charly boy biography

Charly Boy who’s real name is Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa is a Nigerian entertainer, a very controversial one. He is famous for his political and religious views and other media productions especially “The Charly Boy Show”

The veteran Nigerian Singer, producer, and journalist Chukwudifu Oputa (Charly Boy) was born on the 19th of June 1950. He is the second son of the late Supreme Court Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. Charly Boy was born into a Catholic home and he is also the cousin of  Dr. Alban a Swedish musician.

Charly boy did not make his date of birth known in interviews not until 2011 when he celebrated his 60th birthday. He got people more confused when he announced his 63rd birthday on 19 June 2013.

He is one of the most controversial entertainers in Nigeria, his home country due to his embrace of the bisexual lifestyle as well as his criticisms of the unobtrusive Nigerian government.

Educational Background

Charly Boy revealed that he wanted to be a priest but left the seminary school after a year. He was sent to the United States to study Law just as his father did, but instead of studying Law, he came back with a degree in Communications and moved into music.

Charly Boy Career

The veteran singer started his music career in 1982, he first released was a highlife album that did not gain popularity, and he almost lost a record deal due to his unconventional appearance. Later on, he was introduced to the managing director Tony Seysener whom he worked with. In 1895, he became successful with Polygram Nigeria which assisted him with the release of ” Nwata Miss”, in which the title track was included.

He became more popular in 1990 after the release of his album which made reference to Nigeria’s corrupt military government. Charly Boy has worked on various collaborations with his cousin Dr. Alban, most remarkable song was “Carolina” which was an earlier hit of his cousin – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” – and at first featured singer Michael Rose. He recorded another version of the song in Nigerian Pidgin and it was a big hit in Nigeria. The duo also recorded songs “Work Work Africa” and “Commercial Waste”.

His most renowned television series was The Charly Boy Show. It was a well-known weekly variety show with political undertones and featured music, comedy, and celebrity appearances. The show received heavy criticism for being so sexual and for his political view. Charly Boy constantly attacks Nigeria’s military rulers who were accused of corrupting the system.

Charly Boy Marriage Life

The veteran singer became a father at the age of 16. Charly Boy famously known as Area Fada was encouraged by his mother to get married at an early age, he got married at 19 but the marriage didn’t last. He failed in his first two marriages before he met and married an African-American singer and former fashion designer, Lady Diana. They have been married for more than 3 decades now.

The exact number of Charly Boy’s children remains unknown but according to his wife, Lady Diana, the veteran singer had seven children from his previous relationships and marriages before they got married. He has two children with Diana. He has been accused severally of being a homosexual despite having a wife. It has also be stated that Charly Boy has 14 grandchildren which include popular identical twins.

Charly Boy Top Songs

He has recorded a lot of songs but the topmost of them all are

  • Carolina
  • Nwata Miss
  • Shayo Plenty
  • God of Men(Fake Pastors)
  • Mama
  • Comfort
  • Mumu Don Do?
  • Big Bottom much more.

Aside from music, in 2010 he founded the New Waves Productions and he is the editor of The Charly Boy Magazine which he was a regular writer. Charly Boy wrote the column Nuts and Screws for defunct women’s publication Poise in 1991. He also featured in the Nollywood movie titled “Backstab”  where he played the role of a gangster. Charly Boy is a music video producer/director as well, he has worked with lots of music artists such as:

  • Dancing in the Sun by Onyeka Onwenu 
  • She’s So Pretty by Alex O 
  • Eko by Floxy Bee and
  • No Cause For Alarm by Femi Kuti.

Charly Boy took the place of Audu Maikori as a judge on Nigerian Idol. However, he didn’t last long as a judge, viewers disliked his antics, he was known for bringing his pet python to the audition table and also a  human skull to the live shows. As of 2013, he was no longer involved with Nigerian Idol.

Charly Boy’s Net Worth

Charly Boy owns various businesses in Nigeria and he is one of the biggest veteran artists in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The veteran singer is estimated to have a net worth of $1million. Charly Boy is very popular on social media with large followers. You can reach or connect with him on Instagram: @areafada1.

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