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Cheque biography

Akanbi Bamidele Brett, who is professionally known as Superboy Cheque or just Cheque, is a 25-year-old presently tagged as the ‘rave of the moment’ in the Nigerian Music Industry. He is a uniquely gifted singer who also doubles as a rapper. Cheque has been making music professionally since the year 2015, and since then, his rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. This is particularly not an easy feat to pull off when you consider how clogged the Nigerian music industry is.

If you are in search of what consistent dishing quality musical content ranging from freestyle videos to snippets of newly released track visuals feels like, look no further than Cheque. This is what he’s known for—what better place to post this than your social media account. Cheque utilizes the platform to whet the appetite of his large audience. That being said, you can gain access to Cheque’s top-notch content via Instagram and Twitter: @superboycheque.

Having started off by consistently posting his freestyle videos online, he garnered a handful of audience who kept yearning for more of his content. However, he is popularly known for his audio track title ‘Zoom’ which at one point was the 2nd most listened to song in Nigeria after Davido’s ‘FEM.’ This track not only brought him the much-needed fame but also comparison to America’s Roddy Ricch due to their similar vocal tone and style. It can only get better.

Cheque’s relationship status is not certain due to the fact that the ‘satisfied’ crooner gives away little to no detail pertaining to his private life. This is probably him trying to keep his cards close to his chest while we all left to play the guessing game. Who knows? At the moment, our wildest guess is that Cheque is still single. Whether he’s ready to mingle or not hasn’t been hinted at, you can rest assured that once there’s any information that sheds more light on his relationship status, you’ll be informed about it.


Growing up.

Akanbi Bamidele Brett, who is now best known as Cheque, was born on the 23rd of March, 1995, in Okitipupa, Ondo State. He also hails from the state. Cheque had his formative years in Ondo town, Ondo state. This was where he grew from a little boy to a teen before he became the well-known musical artist he’s today. There’s no information on his family background or anymore on his growing up. This is as close as it gets.


Although, there’s no official information stating the schools he had his primary and secondary education. We have reasons to believe he had completed them before furthering his education at the University. With regard to this, he had his tertiary education at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. This was where he got his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. It is even rumored that he was on a first-class after his first two sessions at Obafemi Awolowo University(O. A. U). Besides that, not much known about his grades.

Cheque’s Career

Before Cheque ventured into music, he already had an existing attachment to everything music related and was easily attracted to gatherings that feature singers or rappers. Cheque was always on the lookout for the latest rap battles around so he could watch and learn. He would often watch as the rappers’ spit bars,’ and the singers give their melody as they competed against one another.

Cheque felt endeared to the beats and lyrics that he decided to give it a go. He felt so confident going up to the stage but wasn’t so confident after he climbed onto the stage. With the microphone in his hands, all he could utter at the moment was ‘cheque.’ He was short of words. He would eventually go on to repeat ‘Cheque’ almost 15 times. This caused an uproar of laughter in the building, and they began to call him Cheque. This was the birthing of Cheque.

Cheque’s musical career started in the year 2015 during his tenure as a student at Obafemi Awolowo University. This was after he began to admire Zamorra rap game, which eventually spurred him to go into music. Although then, he was referred to as Kyle B, a name given to him by Zamorra. Starting music wasn’t easy for Cheque. He always felt odd when in the midst of his music-oriented. His style was termed as convincing and lacked the natural flow of a rapper. This brought tears to Cheque’s eyes, but he kept on striving to be better.

With this newly found confidence and then named Kyle B, he dropped his first EP, which he titled ‘S. O. O. N’ later in 2015. On this EP, he featured the likes of Fireboy( who was known as DML then), Zamorra, and Chinko Ekun, who are now all well-known recording artists in Nigeria. The reception of the EP was a bit encouraging. This was a sign he still needed to master the art. He later went on to change his name to Superboy cheque when he released people struggled to pronounce Kyle B.

In the year 2017, Cheque got signed to Cruel Nation alongside DML(now known as Fireboy), but it was a terrible and frustrating moment for both of them. After their one trial period elapsed, they had not dropped any single with the record label. Back to square to one.

In the year 2018, Cheque discovered the power of Instagram and decided to ride on it. He started dropping his rap freestyle content consistently. This was of the beginning of his journey to fame.


Career breakthroughs.

A saying goes thus, “keep at what you have been doing and watch it pay off in the end.” This saying best describes Cheque’s rise to fame. Eventually, one of the many freestyle videos he had been posting caught the eyes of Phyno and made him send a DM to Cheque. This got Cheque excited; who wouldn’t be? His excitement began to fade when he didn’t hear from Phyno for months. Then when he least expected it, Phyno came right back at him with a contract offer. This was when and how Cheque found himself inducted into Penthauze record label in the year 2019.

Cheque’s Memorable moments.

Cheque’s most memorable moment, as he mentioned in an interview, was the day Phyno sent him a DM. He feels that’s when his journey to fame actually began. Getting signed to Penthauze record label was another one of those moments that he would never forget. It gave him the opportunity to work with Phyno, an artist he looked up to while mastering the craft.

Cheque’s Songs & EPs

Most Famous Works (Films/Music/Business/NGO as the case may be:

In his short but amazing career so far, Cheque has gone on to release unique musical content. Here are some of Cheque’s officially released songs.


  1. S. O. O. N( Something Out Of Nothing)

The Same

Superman ft. Viruz Zomora


One Question

Walk Away ft. Chinko Ekun and Viruz Zamora

Laye Mi ft. DML(Now Fireboy)







Jeka Soro

Pain Away




Oh Yeah



Although, Cheque hasn’t won an award or gotten any award nomination just yet. It is almost inevitable he’ll be getting nominated for awards and winning a lot of awards in the nearest future. Such is his immense talent and the hard work he puts in consistently. Watch out for him!


Net Worth.

As at the time of writing, there was no existing estimated net worth for Cheque or assumed net worth due to the fact there’s little information on his assets or finances.

Other interesting facts that can be found.

Cheque’s style of music has been classified as a fusion of Afro, Trap, R n B, Hip hop and Pop. He pays great attention to ensuring his lyrics and melody are top-notch.

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