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bella shmurda biography

Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed is the “Vison2020” crooner, more popularly known by his stage name “Bella Shmurda”. He is a 23-year-old Nigerian singer and songwriter, who came into limelight after releasing the hit remix of his single with the popular Pop and Rap star, Olamide Baddo.

Bella, who they also call “Fine Boi Bella”, is creating a niche for himself in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. He is becoming a force to reckon with, with his style of music which he brands as, “The Conscious Sound”.

Bella’s first renowned project, the extended playlist “High Tension” has had over 39.5million streams on Audiomack, just in 9 months of its release; the singer has done really well for himself. Bella has been signed for almost two years to the Record Label; Canny Consults For OneWord Global Records.

Bella is an artist that infuses his personal experience into his music. His style of music which he tags as The Conscious Sound is for awakening the minds of people and opening their eyes to possibilities.

Bella has in the past year been associated with A-list artistes like Olamide Baddo, Zlatan Ibile and Runtown. The young lad has made a name for himself and was nominated at the City People Music Awards for Best Act of the Year.

Bella Shmurda has a decent social media presence, with almost 800,000 followers on Instagram. You can follow him on Instagram @bella_shmurda.

Bella Shmurda EARLY LIFE

Growing Up.

Bella was born on the 27 of January 1997 in Okokomaiko, Ọjọ, Lagos State. The singer was raised in Okokomaiko, Lagos which he is originally from. As a kid, Bella knew he could sing, but, his story is not the typical “started from the church” story.

Bella started recording songs in 2013 and has been pushing his music since then. Bella tells his story in one of his songs, how his mother was against his musical career, pushing him to face his studies in school, with the end result of becoming a diplomat and then, making money to feed his family. But, with time when his mother realised that he was good at what he did, she succumbed.

Bella Shmurda Education

After his primary and secondary education in Lagos state, Bella was admitted into the Lagos State University (LASU) to study History and International Relations. Bella is in his final year 400 level, at the institution and would soon obtain his first degree.

How Bella’s Career Started.

Bella Shmurda began recording his songs at home in 2013 at the tender age of 16. In his formative years, his mother was sceptical about what the Nigerian Entertainment Industry has in store for him. But nevertheless, she let him record his songs but not without reservations.

In 2019, he made his first splash in the Nigerian music industry with “Vision 2020,” a song about his time spent hustling to feed his family while attending university. Nigeria’s class act dancer Pocolee was vital to the popularity of this song, as he helped in promoting it.

Nigerian hip-hop star Olamide loved “Vision 2020” so much, he reached out to Shmurda about doing a remix version together, and the video for their collaboration went viral.

After the viral release of the remixed, Vision 2020, Shmurda teamed up with popular Nigerian rapper Zlatan for the 2019 single “One Touch.” He has also collaborated with the Yoruba rap star Mohbad, to produce two songs Bye Bye to Poverty (BB2P) and Adura.

High Tension, his EP released in 2020, clocked number 3 on the Apple Music Top 100 chart in Nigeria, and has had almost 40million streams on Audiomack. Since then, Bella has been a featured vocalist on tracks by such Nigerian artists as Harteez, Runtown, and G-Swagg.

He got his stage name Bella Shmurda from his name “Abiola”. Everyone called him Bella as a nickname for Abiola but, because his favourite artist is Bobby Shmurda, his nickname morphed into his stage name Bella Shmurda.

Bella Shmurda Career Breakthroughs

Bella was contacted by Olamide’s PA, Ojo Sneh. He was told that Olamide had listened to his released single and would like to do a remix with him. Bella couldn’t believe his ears, he got an appointment fixed for the next day, and that was it.

In an interview with PMNewsNigeria, he narrated that after receiving that call, he started calling his friends and family shouting “Moti Blow Moti Blow.” The next day he went to Olamide Baddo’s apartment to work on the song but, Bella had lost the data for the original version, so they had to build another beat from scratch.

Olamide was so kind and was instrumental to the rise to fame of the young man. Olamide paid the producer, ID Cabasa to rebuild a new beat for the remix version. He handled all the financial aspect concerning that remix. That was the big breakthrough Bella needed.

After the release of Vision 2020 the remix, Bella has dropped but songs like the latest “Dangbana Orisa” and “CashApp”. Bella’s style of music which he dubs as “The Conscious Sound” is very appealing to every youth that is trying to make something for themselves. As Bella infuses his personal experiences into his craft, he reminds us that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

Bella reveals that the entertainment industry nowadays is different from the way he viewed it before. He claims that for any young artist struggling to peddle his trade, money must be made to push his/her career forward. Bella even goes further to say that whether your music is good or not, if you have enough money, you can make it saturate the radio waves.

Bella is a talented individual with a great voice. But his rise to fame was only achieved by consistent and relentless hard work.

Bella’s Memorable Moments.

Fine Boi Bella, is a fine artist that is riding the waves and pushing street pop to the top. He has risen to a very impressive level of fame in the musical scene. “Flex”, “Boi Bella”, “Bye Bye to Poverty” among others, are some of his songs, which have gained good reception and massive recognition. Fine Boi Bella hints at the release of a project, which he tagged, a “Pan-African album”, to be released before the year runs out.

Bella Shmurda Songs

Bella is a ghetto youth that is trying to make a difference. With his sound alive, aware and relatable, Bella has saturated the Nigerian Entertainment Industry with his Conscious Sound. Below is a list of singles and the EP he has worked on.


Ginger Me (Intro)



Sho Mo Mi



Vision 2020 feat. Olamide.


Colodia Drive Us

Cash App

Dangbana Orisa

Vision 2020

Only You


Bye Bye to Poverty (BB2P) with Mohbad

Adura with Mohbad

One Touch with Zlatan Ibile

If to Say with Papisnoop

Body Riddim with Runtown and DarkoVibes

Flex with Terri and CeezaMilli



Fine Boy Bella is a young talented individual who is just starting to make his mark in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, he has been nominated for the City People Music Award for Best Act of the Year.

Bella is relatively still new in the industry, but the young act represents the future of the industry. With his unique sound and style, he is ready for great things.

Bella’s released EP “High Tension” has received positive feedback from fans and listeners alike, with over 39million streams on and Audiomack, and reaching Number 3 on the Apple Music Top 100 chart in Nigeria.

Bella Shmurda Net Worth

Bella is a newbie in the entertainment industry; his net worth cannot accurately be stated. But the singer just recently posted on his Instagram page that he acquired a new house in Lagos, with the caption “Ain’t Broke, Ain’t Rich”. The singer is estimated to be worth about ₦5million but, there is more in store for this young lad.

Other Interesting Facts.

Bella claims that, if he hadn’t ventured into music, he would have most likely been a footballer.

As a rising star, he advises anyone trying to follow in his footsteps to “NEVER STOP”.


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