Maleek Milton Biography, Net Worth & Movies

maleek milton biography and movies

Maleek Milton Biography

Emeka Milton Alumona is often referred to as Maleek Milton by fans and colleagues. He is a Nigerian actor and Entrepreneur. He has been in Nollywood for more than half a decade and in that short time has starred in more than 50 movies, Yes! You read it correctly 50, it takes less than a year to make most Nollywood movies but that is not the topic for someone to have made that much impact in a short time he must be super talented.

The role that shot him to fame was in his debut movie “my carelessness” and has since then been known for his talent and the way he effortlessly interprets any character given to him.

Maleek had a lot of responsibility growing up, most of which made him grow up fast and shaped him into the responsible adult he is now.

Maleek has a decent social media presence, with over 20,000 followers on Instagram. There are a few fake accounts on Instagram in his name, however, you can follow Maleek’s real account on Instagram @maleekmiltons001.


Growing Up.

The Alumonas welcomed baby Maleek on the 11th of July 1983, he has 3 siblings and was raised in a loving environment. He hails from Enugu State in the Eastern part of the country, both of his parents are from the same state against the general misconception that he is bi-racial, this belief might be based on the complexion of the Alumonas siblings and their somewhat unusual name. His siblings are quite the celebrity too with even larger followers than their actor brother, the bond between Maleek and siblings is one to be envied.


There isn’t much information available about Maleek’s education; he kept most of his personal life private. Maleek has mastered the art of sharing but withholding valuable information about himself.



Career Breakthroughs

It is not news that the people from the eastern part of Nigeria are business-oriented people so just like the many people from the same geographical location as him, he started a business and excelled at it. He is the CEO of the M&M group.

His acting career launched when he won the hearts of people in the movie My Carelessness and went further to wow them in the movie sequel The Confuse Prince. He has since then been winning hearts with the amazing way he interprets his roles. He is known to act the role of the playboy, the billionaire prince among others.

Maleek’s Memorable Moments.

The handsome actor is now a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry and as much as he said he is living his dream nonetheless, he isn’t there yet. The super talented actor is taking it one day at a time living his life based on the motto; Live, Love, Laugh.


Personal life.

Maleek is a very private person despite his celebrity status and active social media presence. Maleek is still yet to find his Mrs. Right but it is rumored that he has a daughter from a previous relationship. We look forward to seeing Maleek find the love he deserves.


Maleek Milton Movies 

Maleek has starred in quite a few movies since his acting career started some of the notable ones are listed below.

  • My Carelessness
  • My Beautiful Wife Is All a Lie
  • How My Heartbreak Story Made The Prince Fall for me.
  • The Fears and Scars of a Woman.
  • Female Police.
  • The confused Prince Season 1 and 2
  • Yahoo King
  • Drop of Tears
  • Tears of a King
  • Clap of Royalty
  • Battle of King
  • Return of Mr. Dangote


Maleek Milton Net Worth

Maleek can still be grouped in the Category of newbies in the entertainment industry, Nevertheless, his net worth is not in league with that of the newbies, the actor bills more or less ₦600,000 for each role, and with his income on his other businesses, Maleek’s net worth is estimated to be worth over ₦30million and hopefully more is in store for him.

Other Interesting Facts.

Maleek has a thing for enormous cars like the SUVs especially the Japanese brands, anyone as hardworking as him is allowed to have a few indulgences particularly to get away from the daily stress of our country.


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