Grand M Biography and Official Net Worth

Grand M biography

Mohamed Natoume popularly known as Grand M is a Malian social media Comedian. He is known for his small stature and unique eye rolls. Making people laugh comes naturally to this comedian and it is one of the reasons people love him.

Grand M is active on social media as that is an automatic career requirement for him, and he shares amusing videos and photos of himself every other day. He has almost 4 million followers on Instagram and his Instagram account is @grand_m_officiel.

All You Should Know About Grand M Biography

Growing Up And Education

Natoume was born on 15th December 2000 in Bamako, the capital city of Mali. He is a pygmy and his unusual small stature made him more susceptible to bullying, hence making his childhood a difficult one. He was born to a low-income family but that didn’t hinder his parents from giving him a decent education. He went to school in Bamako. 

How Grand M Career Started

Despite being a subject of bullying and mockery growing up, Natoume did not allow that to affect his self-esteem and always made himself and those around him have a good laugh.

His career started when he started making funny faces which always amuse those around him and they end up laughing uncontrollably. His fans started taking photos of him and turned them into memes.

In a short period, his memes went viral on many social media especially WhatsApp as thousands of people across the world started sharing these memes.

Natoume grasped this opportunity to move his career forward, he started filming and sharing funny videos on Instagram which also went viral and earned him many followers on the application. People love him and the content he creates just to have a good laugh. One unique thing about him and his videos that amuses people is the way he rolls his eyes.

He has created a special and uncharted niche for himself on social media and entertainment as a whole. He has quickly grown into one of the biggest social media comedians in Mali and West Africa as a whole.



Notable Achievements

Although Grand M comedy only speaks the French language he has been able to warm the hearts of thousands of English-speaking people across the globe. 

He has signed several endorsement deals with different brands like Uber Energy Drink produced by Ika foods and Firdaws, a beverage company.



Grand M Net Worth

The exact net worth of this Malian comedian is unknown but his net worth is said to be between $100,000 to $500,000.

Other Interesting Facts

He chose the name “Grand M” because “Grand” means “big” when translated from French, it’s is a way of telling the world they might think he is small in stature but everything about him like his personality is big, “M” of course, is the alphabet starting his first name, Mohamed.

Grand M is currently single and has not been seen with any female.

He loves musician J Balvin and adores soccer player Lionel Messi.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grand M

What is Grand M Real Name?

Mohamed Natoume

How Much is Grand M Worth?

About $500k

Who is Mohamed Nantoume?

A Comedian and Musician

When Was Grand M Born?

December 15th, 2000

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