Walker Scobell Age, Net Worth, Parents, Height and Bio

walker scobell age

Walker Scobell is a young upcoming and exceptionally talented actor. He became well known when he starred in the film The Adam Project, in which Walker performed incredibly well as a younger Adam Reed played by Ryan Reynolds.

Walker Scobell Age and Bio

Walker Scobell was born in 2009 into a military family. His parents, Heather Melissa and Peter W Scobell frequently moved all over from California to the mountains of Colorado.
Before he became famous Scobell’s first acting was in his school play Marry Poppins he was 10 years old at the time of the school production, and he played the role of Michael. He is about 4ft 9inch tall

The 2022 science fiction movie The Adams Project is Scobell’s on-screen debut acting. Prior to the film, he had never appeared on television. Even though he started acting months ago he has already worked with multiple big names actors in Hollywood. In The Adams Project, Scobell played the 12-year-old version of Ryan Reynolds’ character, Adam Reed. He secured his first chemistry read with the cast days after handing in his audition tape to the movie producers. Scobell got the role as a result of his extensive knowledge of Reynolds.

Thereafter, Scobell joined the set of the Netflix movie Secret Headquarters, which premiered in August 2022.

Scobell has a variety of adventurous hobbies that he enjoys in his free time. Among his many talents, the teen star is most known for his skating tricks. It’s one of his absolute favorite things to do, other than acting of course.

He is also set to portray Percy Jackson, a Demigod and son of the Greek God Zeus in the upcoming Disney+ series Percy Jackson And The Olympians.

Walker Scobell Net Worth

The younger teenager is currently worth a sum of $500,000.

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