Sara Malakul Lane Biography, Age, Net Worth and Jared Cohn Movies

Sara Malakul Lane Biography

Sara Malakul Lane is a Thai American actress and ex-supermodel. She has been featured in several Thai and Hollywood movies. She is well known for her performance in the action film Kickboxer.

Sara Malakul Lane Biography

Sara Malakul Lane was born on 1st February 1983 in Guam. Her father, Alastair Lane is Scottish while her mother Thapthim Malakul is Thai. On her maternal side, she belongs to the Chakri Dynasty, the present reigning dynasty in Thailand. Her maternal grandfather, Mom Luang Pikthip Malakul, was a diplomat; an ambassador of Thailand to Myanmar and the United Kingdom. She grew up traveling between the United Kingdom and Bangkok.

She studied at NIST International School and lives in Singapore.

She quit modeling and started a career in acting when she was just 15 years old. She debuted in a Thai television series before she relocated to the United States.

Lane’s Hollywood debut was in the 2003 film Belly of the Beast alongside Steven Seagal. She was then cast in Sharktopus in 2010 as well as in The Wayshower a year later.

In 2016, she featured as a Bangkok detective in the movie Kickboxer: Vengeance, and she reprised the role in its 2018 sequel, Kickboxer: Retaliation.

Sara Malakul Lane Jared Cohn Movies

Malakul Lane has appeared in the following films and Jared Cohn movies;

2000: Hua Jai Song Park
2003: Belly of the Beast
2005: The Volcano Disaster
2005: Dumber Heroes
2005: Match Point
2008: Tied in Knots
2010: Sharktopus
2011: The Wayshower
2011: Baby, We’ll Be Fine
2012: 12/12/12
2013: 100 Degrees Below Zero
2014: Jailbait
2014: Pretty Perfect
2014: Pernicious
2015: Jurassic City
2015: Sun Choke
2015: Cowboys vs Dinosaurs
2015: Shark Lake
2015: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
2015: Buddy Hutchins
2016: Wishing for a Dream
2016: Beyond the Gates
2016: Shortwave
2016: Kickboxer: Vengeance
2017: Who’s Watching Oliver
2017: King Arthur’s Sword
2017: Death Pool
2017: The Domicile
2017: Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!
2018: Kickboxer: Retaliation
2018: Shangri-La: Near Extinction
2018: Disposition
2018: All About the Afterglow
2019: Captured

Sara Malakul Lane Net Worth

As of 2022, Sara Malakul Lane is worth $2 million.

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