Liz Katz Age, Net Worth, Biography and Oldest Son

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Elizabeth Katz is an American cosplayer, actress, and model.

Liz Katz Age, Net Worth and Biography

Katz was born on 8th July 1988 in Randolph, New Jersey. She is half-Jewish and also celebrates every Jewish holiday.

She studied at Randolph High School. Katz cosplayed as a hobby when she was a teenager. Briefly, she had a career in the adult film industry using the Risi Simms. Katz soon started uploading her cosplay work on her Facebook page using her new name. In 2014, Katz started playing video games live on Twitch.

Liz Katz Cosplay Career

She started her cosplaying after winning IGN’s Best Cosplay at WonderCon 2012. In 2014, Katz started playing video games live on Twitch and posting gaming videos on her YouTube channel.

In 2014, Katz was ranked as the fifth s3x3st cosplayer by Playboy. She was also ranked as the fourth s3xi3st cosplayer in 2016 by FHM. She has also featured in some of Sam Macaroni’s works.

Liz Katz Movies

Katz was cast in the following films and television shows;

2005: The Crow: Wicked Prayer
2011: The Guild
2012: Holliston
2013–2014: Super Power Beat Down
2018: Funny Story
2018: Game Over, Man!
2020: Guest House

She also was featured in Rihanna’s music video Diamonds, and Remembrance by Before the Mourning as well as the video of Hundred Pound Hammer by Jason C. Miller.

Katz also appeared in 2019 in Borderlands 3 as Bloodshine.

Personal Life

Katz had her first child; an oldest son when she was twenty. She started dating YouTube H2O Delirious and soon became pregnant again. In September 2020 she gave birth to her first daughter and had another daughter in December 2021.

Liz Katz Net Worth

Katz’s exact net worth is unavailable but she is reportedly worth a couple of million.

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