Flash Ikumkani Biography, Net Worth & Real Age

Hlumile Mangoloti is a South African fast-rising rapper, he is popularly known by his stage name Flash Ikumkani which means “Flash is King” when translated to the English language from his native Xhosa language.

The young talented artist is indeed King because from the time he has come to the limelight he has been dominating in his chosen genre. What makes flash different is the unique way he switches between the English language and his native Xhosa tongue, this uniqueness has made him relatable among the youths.

Flash is the new cool kid on the block, he is from the part of the country that is considered not so cool but Flash built his career and entire brand on where he is from.

The hip-hop artist is on social media and has garnered decent followers of fans on Instagram and subscribers on YouTube, you can follow him on Instagram @Flashikumkani.


Growing Up.

Flash was born in 1999 but the exact month and date of birth are unknown. He was born and raised in a village called Peelton just outside King Williams Town in Eastern Cape, South Africa. In one of his songs titled “Mhluzi”, he rapped about how his family was not in support of him being a rapper and how their doubt drove him more towards his passion. 


Flash started music at a young age but discovered his passion for rap music while he was still in high school, unfortunately, he dropped out of school to go after his passion full time, he relocated to Johannesburg at this point.


Career Breakthroughs

Flash’s passion for his music and of course his talent at his craft played a major role in his breakthrough. His talent was recognized by one of the best artists in the music world, he got signed by Emtee Records and has since then released several songs and also got featured in a series of songs.

Flash’s Memorable Moments.

Flash Ikumkani’s most memorable moment is making his name relevant in the music industry and the whole of South Africa and beyond, proving to the people who doubted his ability and talent wrong. He is a typical example for the youth who have lost hope that they can make something out of themselves regardless of their family background and who believed in them, in as much as they believed in themselves and are hardworking. Every gold is first tested through the fire, no good thing comes easy.

Notable Achievements.

Flash has a platform where he communicates with fans and followers on a personal basis, the platform is called “Conversations With the Crowd”. Flash is more like a friend and brother to his fans, one of the major reasons this is so is the fact that he came from a rural area, he speaks in the dialect many considered too local and turned it into a cool language most people want to learn. He never forgets where he came from and he gives hope to the youth from the ghetto.

Flash has made good music over time and some of his songs are listed below:

  • Ndiyabulela
  • Idyan re_up
  • Mhluzi original and remix
  • Laqhasha
  • IQhawe
  • I Need a bag
  • Way Up
  • Islolo
  • Ngikhulile
  • Ubizo
  • Baba
  • Dat Way
  • Main Road
  • Ekseni
  • Icebo
  • Mama
  • Freestyle 

Flash has created a name for him and crowned himself King, a title well deserved.


Flash is listed among South Africa’s top 10 upcoming artists, he is recognized and respected for his art, his humility has also opened doors for him. Despite his young age and the little time he has spent in the entertainment industry, his achievements have surpassed that.


Net Worth.

Flash net worth has not been accurately calculated probably because he is still a newbie in the industry but the young man is not playing in his mission to create wealth for himself.

Other Interesting Facts.

Most of the songs released in South Africa in the year 2020 were in the Amapiano genre, this upcoming artist was brave enough to release a hip-hop genre. The rapper risked it all but was still able to bring a fresh vibe and also varieties of music lovers to South Africa in 2020.

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