Kamo Mphela’s Biography, Net Worth and Age

Kamogelo Mphela popularly referred to as Kamo Mphela is a South African dancer and Musician. She is mostly known for her unique dance steps and her fans can’t stop talking about her since her first dance video went viral on social media in 2019.

Kamo made use of her newfound fame by entering the music industry and also making it big there. It seems this talented young woman has the “King Midas” effect because she is turning her talent into wealth and fame.

This new Dance Queen has pretty much established herself in the new Amapiano dance genre, it is a genre fast-growing although originally from South Africa but now making waves on the international shores.

Kamo has a powerful social media following, with 1.5million followers on Instagram. You can follow her on her verified Instagram handle @kamo_mphelaxx and on Twitter @Kamogelomphela where she has more than a million followers. Her dance videos are available on YouTube where she already has tons of subscribers. 


Growing up

Kamo Mphela was born on the 19th of November 1999 in Durban city, South Africa, she was also raised in the same city. There is little to no information about her life growing up.


Kamo studied at Kibler park secondary school where she got her high school diploma and later went to Boston media House in Sandton for a year.

Personal Life.

Kamo Mphela was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with fellow South African musician Focalistic. Although she made it clear that she is just friends with the musician. 

She is currently single and just living her best life.

How Kamo’s Career Started.

Kamo Mphela started her dance career at an early age. It all started when she started following her father to shows who at that time was YFM media personnel, this gave her early exposure to the entertainment scene. Her love for dance was created and her dancing ability was soon discovered after that. 

Before she became a professional dancer and musician she had pursued an acting career and even got a role as an understudy in the TV series Isabaya. She realized acting does not give her the satisfaction she gets from dancing and decided to dance professionally.

Due to her expertise in the Amapiano dance moves, she has been featured in a lot of South African music videos, the likes of killer Kau, Sandton, Emabozeni. She isn’t just the Queen of Amapiano, her portfolio is beyond just one dance genre.


Career Breakthroughs

Even though Kamo has been dancing a few years before her remarkable dance skills were discovered via a video that went viral. That event catapulted her way into fame.

She got signed into a top record label called Major League Music where she released her EP titled “Twentee” in 2019 and subsequently 2021 “Nkulunkulu” she has released several songs since Major League signed her. Here is a list of some of Kamo Mphela songs:

  • Suka Emabozen
  • Menemene
  • Mojolo
  • Sandton
  • Punisher
  • Amanikiniki
  • Umshisco

She has collaborated with top names in the music industry both locally and internationally.

Kamo’s Memorable Moments

Kamo Mphela’s performance at the DSTV Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards ( DSTV MVCA) 2020 was top of the list among the artist’s most memorable moments and for her fans included due to the wardrobe malfunction she suffered during the event. During the event, her pant ripped off on stage and she left the stage in haste.

Notable Accomplishments

Kamo Mphela was still a teenager when she rose to fame managing the sudden change made to her life due to this spotlight is commendable. This super talented woman created a niche for herself, planted herself there, and bloomed irrespective of the challenges life put in her path. She is one many ought to draw courage from.


Kamo Mphela talent is top-notch in her chosen niche that is why in the very short time she entered the entertainment scene she has been nominated for series of Awards, which includes:

  • South African Music Awards, where she was nominated for both Record of the Year and Music Video of the year 2021.
  • Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards, for Best Amapiano song, Best Collaboration, and Best Music Video concurrently.
  • SA Amapiano Music Awards, nominated for Amapiano Artist of the Year Award. 

All of which are for the year 2021, some of which are yet to take place.


Net Worth

The beautiful and talented artist has accumulated wealth in the course of her craft, her net worth is estimated to be about $100,000 – $250,000.

Other Interesting Facts

The new Dance Queen is not stopping at just music and dance as she has it in mind to explore the Fashion industry as well. If anyone can pull off being a fashion mogul it’s Kamo because she has the looks, the brains, and the fame for it. You all have to look out for this outstanding woman because she is unstoppable.


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