DJ Maphorisa Biography, Net Worth and Real Age

Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe is a South African record producer, vocalist, and disk jockey. However, Themba operates on an international level, while still employing afro-pop and house music styles. 

Thenba Sekowe is widely referred to as DJ Maphorisa. This disk jockey is recognized for his collaborations with international artists. He has collaborated with the likes of Kwesta, Uhuru, Wizkid, and even the American superstar, Drake. It was his collaborations with artists like these that rose him to stardom.

DJ Maphorisa began his music career in 2008 after joining a South African music group known as “Uhuru”. It was under this group that he released his first single. However, it wasn’t until he co-released his first hit track under the Uhuru group; Mafikizolo’s Khona, before he became widely recognized.

DJ Maphorisa is rumored to currently be in a relationship with Cyan Boujee. There is no declaration from DJ Maphorisa that confirms his relationship with Cyan. DJ Maphorisa can be reached through his Instagram handle which is; @djmahorisa.

DJ Maphorisa Biography

Growing Up.

DJ Maphorisa was born and brought up in Pretoria, South Africa. However, he is a half cast with a Nigerian father and a South African mother. He speaks South Africa’s; Sepede language. He was born on the 15th of November, 1987 and so is currently 33 years of age.

His music journey began from a very early age. One of the earliest factors that inspired his music life was his mother who was part of a gospel music group. His mother’s music career path influenced him, hence he got the encouragement he needed from his family at an early age.



DJ Maphorisa did not complete his education before he ventured into music. He was still in his high school stage when he told his parents that he wanted to drop out of school. His love for music overpowered that of his education which he found boring.

Although currently, DJ Maphorisa is making plans to return to school and bag a college degree which he finds necessary to his music career.

How DJ Maphorisa’s Career Started

 As previously mentioned, DJ Maphorisa’s earliest music inspiration is from his mother who was a gospel singer during her earlier days. He became officially active in the music industry in 2008 after he joined a South African music group referred to as ” Uhuru”. It was under Uhuru that DJ Maphorisa released his first official single.

In 2013, DJ Maphorisa became recognized after he co-released the hit single; Mafikizolo’s Khona. Not quite long after, the Mafikizolo’s group released another hit single; “The Sound”, which featured International superstar, Davido.

DJ Maphorisa has collaborated with several international icons like Drake, Wizkid, Niniola, Runtown, Black Coffee, Kwesta, Chris Brown, and many others. It is his collaborations with icons such as those mentioned above that gave him the recognition he is enjoying today.


Career Breakthroughs.

DJ Maphorisa has been in the south African music industry under the music group; Uhuru, as far back as 2008. He even released his first official single during this period. However, it wasn’t until he began collaborating with widely recognized pop artists such Kwesta, DJ Zinhle, Shekinah and the likes before he also became recognized.

His first hit single was ” Khona” co_released in 2013. Another one of his hit songs was “Y_Tjukutja”. One unique thing about DJ Maphorisa is that he constantly produces hits for international pop stars and co_releases songs with them. Most of the International stars he has related with are not South African artists.

He featured in Davido’s; The Sound which became a hit. He also co_produced with Drake in the hit single; One Dance track, which featured other Wizkid and Kayla in 2016.

In 2018, DJ Maphorisa released a hit single titled ” Midnight Starring” featuring DJ Tira, Busiswa, and Moonchild Sarelly. Maphorisa who is widely recognized as a platinum disk jockey co_released the EP Album; Banyana which had over 4.2 million streams in 2021.

DJ Maphorisa founded the record label; Blaqboy Music after he left “Kalawo Jazmee Records. He is currently a boss on his own, releasing several hits under his record label and co_producing songs with internationally acclaimed pop_stars.

DJ Maphorisa’s Memorable Moments

One of DJ Maphorisa’s memorable moments was in 2016 when he collaborated with Drake, Wizkid, and Kayla in the hot single, ” One Dance Production”. This song earned him International recognition. In 2021, his EP Album titled “Banyana”, featuring other artists got a stream of over 4.2 million and was tagged as ” Official Double Platinum” by the South African Recording Industry.

In the same year, he went on the “Made in Lagos” tour with popular Nigerian artist, Wizkid. This South African sensation has collaborated with several artists both home and abroad, becoming a part of their success stories and carving a mark for himself at the same time.

He has received several awards since his first hit song “Khona” in 2013 and is still very much open to receiving more soon.

DJ Maphorisa Awards/Recognitions.

Below is a list of Awards/Recognitions gotten by DJ Maphorisa;

  • 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards; Song of the Year.
  • 2017 Humanitarian African Prestigious Awards; Music Producer of the year.
  • 2017 Humanitarian African Prestigious Awards; Best DJ Africa.
  • 2018 Dstv Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards; Favorite Song of the Year (Midnight Starring).
  • 2020 MTV Africa Music Awards; Best African Act.
  • 2021 Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards; Best Producer (pending).
  • 2021 Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards; Best Amapiano Songs (Pending).
  • 2021 SA Amapiano Music Awards; Best Amapiano Male DJ/Act (pending).



Most famous works (films/music/business/NGO as the case may be;

DJ Maphorisa has made a ground breaking career so far within the music industry, locally and internationally.

Here’s a list of his songs;

  • Khona (2013)
  • The Banger (2015).
  • Omalicha Nwa (2015).
  • Ngud (2016).
  • Mayibabo (2016).
  • Kucheza (2016).
  • Soweto Baby ft Wizkid & Dj Bucks (2016).
  • One Dance with Drake ft Wizkid & Kayla (2016).
  • Suited (2017).
  • Love Portion (2017).
  • Bazoyenza (2017).
  • Midnight Starring (2017).



Madumane (2021).

  • Gold Rollie.
  • Amanzi.
  • Bentley.
  • Ke Tai.
  • SBWL ft Zingan.



Scorpion Kings with Kabza De Small (2019).

  • Amantombazane.
  • Lerato 
  • UDriver
  • Dubai
  • Ur Shetee
  • Jikeleza
  • Koko
  • Meropa
  • Vula Vala
  • Vumaniibo
  • Weimama

Rumble In The Jungle (2021).

  • Stimela 
  • Funu
  • La Vie Est Belle
  • Folashade
  • Soro
  • Dust in the Wind
  • Angelina
  • Cherie
  • Mali Mali

Banyana (2021)

  • Banana ft Daliwongo & Kabza De Small
  • Wami ft Kabza De Small & Sir Trill
  • Isolo ft Daliwongo, Mpura & Visca.

DJ Maphorisa Net Worth

DJ Maphorisa has made a name for himself in the international music scene. His collaborations with other artists have influenced his networth. Currently, the disk jockey has a net worth ranging between $1,000,000- $5,000,000.


Other Interesting Facts To Note.

South Africa is a country that has come to cherish the culture of sports. Over 90% of youths in South Africa have engaged in one sport or the other at a point in their lives. However, the same cannot be said for DJ Maphorisa who has never engaged in any sports.

This South African icon pursued music all through his life, even during school days, taking out sports from his agenda.

Another fact to note about this DJ Maphorisa is that he didn’t just collaborate with Wizkid in some of his songs, but was also behind the production and recording of one of Wizkid’s most successful albums; Sounds From the Other Side. This was a four-track album, including the hit; “Come Closer” which featured popular artist, Drake.

One other fact that would be interesting to note is DJ Maphorisa’s announcement on social media of being a father. Back in February 2021, the Disk Jockey announced on Instagram that he is the father of 12-year-old Lesedi. The mother of his daughter remains revealed and there is no official statement that reveals the Disk Jockey is a married man or was ever married at any point in time.


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