Master KG’s Biography, Net Worth and Real Age

Kgaogela Maogi popularly known as Master KG is a South African musician, record producer, and disk jockey. The 24-year-old started his music career in 2016 after experimenting series of beats with DJ Maebela and releasing his first official single titled “Situation”, in the same year.

Master KG focuses on Electro, Afropop, and house music productions. He raps in his local language, Khelobedu. This South African producer is also the inventor of the Bolebedu dance.

Master KG was brought into the limelight after he released a single hit, Jerusalema, in 2020. This single attracted the attention of many, including Afro_star; Burna-Boy, who collaborated with Master KG in releasing a remix of the song.

Master KG has worked together with various artists, locally and internationally. His interactions with artists like David Guetta, Burna Boy, Nomcebo Zikode, Zanda Zakuwa, and the likes have positively influenced his music career. Within his short time of coming aboard into South Africa’s music industry, he has traveled and performed in several countries, bagging awards in the process.

Master KG is currently not in a relationship, although rumors are flying around that he is currently dating a South African lady, Thuli Phongolo. The South African artist was also Makhadzi’s lover, but the couple broke up in August 2020.

Master KG can be reached through his Instagram and Twitter handle; @MasterKGsa.


Growing Up.

Master KG was born on the 31st of January 1996 to South African parents. He was brought up in a little village, Calais in Limpopo.

Master KG started creating beats in his teenage years. At the age of thirteen, he would fake sickness just to avoid school and sit home to make beats on a computer his late uncle bought for him. After his secondary education in 2015, he went full time into music, collaborating with one DJ Maebela until he finally released his first official single in 2016.


Details on Master KG’s primary education are not revealed, however, the South African music producer graduated from Calais Secondary School, Maruleng Rural, Limpopo in 2015. There is no information on his college education because, since 2015, Master KG has not made moves to further his education neither has he made the intention known to anyone.

How Master KG’s Career Started.

Master KG officially delved into music after his secondary education in 2015. He started practicing beats with DJ Maehela in the same year using FL Music Studio. In 2016, he released his first official single titled ” Situation”. This single awarded him with the necessary recognition he needed for a start until he finally got signed under his current record label, Open Mic Productions.

On September 21st, 2018, under his record label, he released another single titled “Skeleton Move ft Zanda Zakusa”. This single became a hit and got nominated in Dec 2018 as Thobela Fm’s, song of the year. This hit song was also nominated for best song and best dance song in 2018 by the Limpopo Awards.

In 2020, he released an album titled Jerusalem. The album included his most successful single; Jerusalema which earned him series of awards, locally and internationally.

On May 26, 2021, he released a single titled ” Shine Your Light” ft David Guetta. Since his first official release in 2016, Master JG has featured in several songs, collaborating with top local and international artists that have helped influence his career.


Career Breakthroughs.

Master KG released his first official single in 2016 after practicing with music software from 2015 but it wasn’t until his first studio album release in 2018, Skeleton Move before he became quite the spectacle.

Skeleton Move plunged him into the limelight, crediting him with awards and several recognitions, home and abroad. 

In 2018, he released an album titled “Jerusalem”. It was this album that gave him the career breakthrough he needed. Jerusalem, one of the songs in the Jerusalem album was recognized as the 2020 international song of the year in several awards such as the NJR Awards, Entertainment Awards U.S.A, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, and several others.

Jerusalema is currently still earning him credits and endorsements from various music organizations. The song has also spawned a remix from Burna Boy in 2020.

Master KG is still very much in the spotlight, getting dealership and sponsorship from several platforms because of two of his hit singles, Skeleton Move and Jerusalema.

Master KG’s Memorable Moments.

One of Master KG’s memorable moments remains when his song ” Skeleton Move”, became widely recognized both locally and internationally. This was the song that made him successful in his music career, bagging him awards and topping music charts.

Jerusalem is also another hit that earned him wide recognition in 2020, along with a remix from the popular Nigerian Icon, Burna Boy. The song has continued to confer on him deals and endorsements and earlier in 2021, it was announced that the popular rising artist, Master KG was going to embark on a Jerusalema live concert tour to the U.S.A with Zanda Zakuza.

There is still so much more in store for this South African artist, but one thing to note is that bagging numerous awards and recognitions within a space of five years is nothing short of extraordinary!


Below is a list of awards/recognitions gotten by Master KG;

  • 2018 AFRIMMA; Best Artist, Duo or Group in African Electro.
  • 2018 SABC; Song of the Year (Skeleton Move)
  • 2018 Limpopo Awards; Best Music Video (nominated), Best Song (Nominated), and Best Dance Song (Nominated).
  • 2019 African Musik Magazine Awards; Best Male Artist Southern Africa.
  • 2020 MTV Europe Awards; Song of the Year(Jerusalema).
  • 2020 NJR Music Awards; Int. Song of the Year (Jerusalema).
  • 2020 African Entertainment Awards U.S.A; Song of the Year (Jerusalema).
  • 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards; African Artist of the Year.
  • 2021 KHMA; Best Producer (pending).
  • 2021 Net Honors; Most Played Alternative Song (Jerusalema_Nominated).
  • 2021 SAMA 27; International Achievement Award.
  • 2021 SAMA 27, SAMRO Composer Highest Airplay.



Most famous works (films/music/business/NGO as the case may be;

Master KG has made a groundbreaking career so far within the music industry, locally and internationally. Here’s a list of his songs;

  • Situation (2016).
  • Skeleton Move (2018)
  • Remember (2018).
  • Jerusalem ft Nomcebo (2019).
  • Shine your Light ft David Guetta (2021).
  • Moya Uri Yes (2021).



Jerusalem (2020).

  • Jerusalema.
  • Di Boya Limpopo.
  • Qinisela.
  • Tshikwama.
  • Superstar.
  • Love you as you are.
  • Ngawanaka.
  • Party.
  • Ng’zolova.


Skeleton Move (2018).

  • Waya Waya.
  • Jesu Wa Makatsa.
  • Tshwarelela Relo Yaka.
  • Ntlo Ea Swa.
  • Black Drum.
  • Ngifuna Wena.


Net worth.

Master KG is regarded as one of the richest and most successful South African artists. Although there is no accurate data on his exact net worth, according to research, he has a net worth of sound $150,000.

Other Interesting Facts To Note.

Master KG was once romantically involved with a lady named Makhadzi until their breakup in August 2021. The South African artist got himself into a scandal not long after his breakup. He got into an affair that same year with a female South African artist called Queen Lolly. She announced a few months later that she was carrying Master KG’s child but the artist refused to acknowledge her pregnancy.

Queen Lolly even claimed that she was carrying his second child after having an abortion the first time when he told her to do so. Master KG made it known in public that he wanted nothing to do with the 26-year-old female artist.

There has been no further information revealed about the status of Queen Lolly and Master KG together. The “couple” have decided to keep things private since 2020 and one hardly knows if Queen Lolly has aborted the second child for Master KG, if Master KG has claimed responsibility for the pregnancy or if Queen Lolly has decided to raise the child on her own.


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