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Chance Hogan age

Chance Hogan is an American musician who is of Australian descent. He is known for being the son of comic actor, and television personality Paul Hogan and Hollywood actress Linda Kozlowski.

He is one of the most fortunate Musicians of this new age. Chance іѕ уоung and tаlеntеd, and he is already making waves іn thе еntеrtаіnmеnt іnduѕtrу as a musician and punk rocker. One of the most promising talented musicians of this time.

Chance Hogan Wikipedia

Chance Hogan was born on the 12th of march 1999 to (father) Paul Hogan an Australian comic actor, and to (mother) Linda Kozlowski who was an actress. The punk rocker was born in Lighting Ridge, New South Wales, Australia. But he grew up in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and studied at New Roads School.

Chance was brought up alongside his siblings, Scott Hogan, Lauren Hogan, Todd Hogan, Brett Hogan, and Clay Hogan.

Chance’s parents showed him lots of love while growing up despite their busy and demanding schedules, they always make time to spend with their son. His mother Kozlowski filed for divorce from his father in October 2013, Chance was just 16 at the time. The divorce was concluded in 2014.

Chance’s life changed after the divorce, as the separation had a drastic effect on him. After the separation of his parents, he moved in with his father. His mother disclosed in one of the interviews that Chance likes to hang out at his father’s house due to a “teen hangout room in the house.”

After a while, Chance appears to have undergone various issues in his life. Some reports described him as “wayward” and “troubled.” he was also seen throwing up outside a street corner at a music concert in Santa Monica after performing with his band Rowdy P. During the event. Chance’s father, Paul Hogan, was upset after seeing the pictures.

Chance Hogan Career

Australian-born musician Chance Hogan lives in America. He is mostly known as the son of Paul Hogan, a comic actor and television host, and Linda Kozlowski, an actress.

Hogan first picked up a guitar at the age of thirteen, He played with different bands before deciding to move to New York City to pursue a solo career in 2001. Hogan’s debut album “Souvenir”, was released in 2002.

Chance lost his father Paul in 2006 to cancer. He wrote a song P.S I Love You, which is in Chance’s second album “Everything’s Alright”. The album, which was a commercial success, was supported by the band’s second extensive tour.

The long-haired singer currently plays in a punk band called “Rowdy P”. Chance discovered his passion for music while growing up, and he eventually formed a band “Rowdy P” with three other members: Nick Friedman (drums and bass) and William Deza (guitar and bass). The band released their debut album “Dirge” in 2018, Chance and his band performed as part of a promotional tour in Australia and the US.

Chance Hogan Family

Chance’s father is Paul Hogan and his mother is Linda Kozlowski. He also has siblings. Paul has a total of five kids. in 2013 Kozlowski filed for divorce from Hogan on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, and the divorce was later finalized and granted in 2014
Chance Hogan Relationship

Chance has been keeping his personal life private and off social media. He sometimes avoids questions about his relationship status. There is no information about his previous dating history as he never came out to disclose anything about his love life. It is unclear at this point whether he is single or in a relationship, Although he has not revealed any details about having an affair, there are rumors that he has a long-time girlfriend.

Chance Hogan’s Net Worth

Chance Hogan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2million to $ 5 million


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