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Marcia Harvey is an African-American author, Entrepreneur, and Businesswoman best known as Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, a famous American comedian, TV host, and actor.

Marcia Harvey Wikipedia

Marcia Harvey was born on the 22nd of January 1955, in North Dakota, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She’s currently ( 68 years old). Not much is known about her parents, educational background, and siblings, She is from an African American family. Marcia is a US citizen

After graduating from High School, Marcia proceeded to get her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Reputed University. Marcia prefers to live her life quietly away from the media’s attention.

Marcia Career Summary

Marcia met her ex-husband while working as a sales representative at a departmental store. She became a homemaker after her marriage, and also ventured into a clothing line business after her divorce. The businesswoman is also a published author. Although she started writing at the age of 12, it took her years before publishing her first book titled “Marcia: Eyes to the Soul”. She was 56 years at the time in 2011
Marcia Harvey Family

Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey

Marcia was married to Steve Harvey a comedian, Author, Actor, Producer, and Tv Host. They both lived together from 1980 to 1994 (14 years). In August 1982, Marcia and Steve welcomed Their twin daughters “Karli Harvey Raymond and Brandi Harvey”. They had another baby boy in 1991 named “Broderick Harvey Jr”.

Steve and Marcia lived together between 1980 to 1990 during the time Steve worked as a salesman at a Sales company in America. The couple started having problems after Steve decided to pursue his career as a comedian, and Marcia was not happy with the decision.

Marcia and Steve were married for fourteen years before getting divorced in 1994. However, Marcia raised their children alone as a single mother after the divorce. As Steve was not always around

After a while, Marcia moved on with her life and found love and happiness with Larry Green, to whom she is currently married to till this day. However, The couple currently resides in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA. Steve Harvey too remarried in 2007 to Marjorie Harvey.

Following her divorce, Marcia seeks legal assistance after Steve Harvey refuses to pay alimony and child support. She decided to get help to take care of the children

She eventually won the case, and Steve was ordered by the court to pay monthly support worth $5,100 plus her legal fees. However, after a year, Steve’s first wife claimed she had not got any money from Steve. A few months later, she was given $36,000 as child support, and Steve’s Harvey monthly pay was raised to $6,630 a month

Marcia Harvey Net Worth

Marcia Harvey’s net worth is about $2 million

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