Belinda Effah Biography and Net Worth

belinda effah biography

Grace-Charis Bassey Effah formerly known as Belinda Effah is a renowned Nigerian actress, film producer, and entrepreneur. She has been making waves in Nollywood and with the course, her career has taken over the years it is only true to say she has made her mark in the Nigerian movie industry. 

Belinda Effah Biography


Grace-Charis Bassey was born Uyu Effah on December 14th, 1989, in Cross River State, Southern Nigeria. Her father, Lieutenant Commander Asido Bassey Effah, was a commander in the Nigerian Navy. She was raised in a big family as she is one of fifteen children of Bassey Effah. Through the advice of her brother while still in secondary school she changed her first name from Uyu to Belinda before adopting Grace-Charis Bassey in 2021.


She attended the Hillside International Nursery & Primary School and Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt for both her primary and secondary education respectively. Effah then went ahead to the University of Calabar, where she majored in Genetics and Biotechnology.


She made her grand entrance into Nollywood by featuring in the television series Shallow Waters, released in 2005, not long after that, she took a break from the TV series to participate in the reality show Next Movie Star. She completed the show by coming in the 5th position therefore she didn’t get evicted from the house.

Belinda Effah has also worked once as a television presenter for Sound City, a popular Nigerian Entertainment cable station. Nonetheless, she left Sound City to start her TV show titled Lunch Break with Belinda.

The business-savvy actress is also the founder and CEO of GCB Empire, a Nigeria-based clothing and fashion brand based in Abuja.

In 2022, Iké Udé’s portrait of Effah was showcased in the Nollywood Portraits exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

Belinda Effah Movies

Effah has appeared in the many movies and TV series listed below;


  • Java’s House
  • 2012 – Kokomma
  • 2012 – Mrs. Somebody
  • 2013 – Alan Poza
  • 2013 – Lonely Hearts
  • 2013 – Misplaced
  • 2013 – The Hunters
  • 2013 – Cat and Mouse
  • 2013 – Princess Ekanem
  • 2013 – After the Proposal
  • 2014 – Udeme Mmi
  • 2014 – Apaye
  • 2014 – Bambitious
  • Bigger Ladies
  • Azonto Babes
  • Ojuju Calabar
  • 2015 – Jump and Pass
  • 2015 – The Banker
  • 2015 – Stop
  • 2015 – Keeping Secret
  • 2015 – Luke of Lies
  • 2015 – Folly
  • 2015 – So In Love
  • 2015 – Being Single
  • 2015 – Heroes and Villains
  • 2015 – Black Val
  • 2016 – Lost Pride
  • 2016 – Oracles Online
  • 2016 – Melting Point
  • 2018 – SA Girl
  • 2019 – Crack
  • 2019 – Bursted
  • 2019 – Inside Nollywood: Chapter 1
  • 2019 – The Devil Within
  • 2019 – Miracle Miracle, 
  • 2020 – Angel and Gabriela
  • 2020 – Secret Twins 1 & 2
  • 2005 – Shallow Waters (series)
  • The Room (series)
  • 2011 – Tales of Eve (series)


She gave birth to a son in the United States in February 2016, however, she has yet to reveal the identity of the child’s father to the media.

In 2021, she announced to the general public that she would from that moment like to be addressed as Grace-Charis Bassey rather than as Belinda Effah. She explained that, on August 15, 2020, she had a divine encounter with God that inspired her to change her name to Grace. Charis is a word of Greek origin that also means “grace.”

Grace-Charis Bassey Effah Awards and Nominations

It’s only fair for Effah to receive the deserved accolades for her many remarkable work and as Nollywood is a fair industry she has gotten her fair share of awards and nominations on numerous occasions over the years, some of which are;


  • In 2012, she won the Best of Nollywood Awards in the Most Promising Act (female) category
  • She also won the 2012 Golden Icons Academy Awards as the Best New Actress
  • She won the 2013 Nollywood Movies Awards as the Best Rising Star
  • In the 2013 Nollywood Movies Awards, she was nominated as  the Best Indigenous Actress
  • Africa Movie Academy Awards that was held in 2013 and also the  Ntanta Award she won the Most Promising Act category for both awards
  • During the 2014 ELOY Awards, she was nominated as the Movie Actress of the Year
  • Also in the 2014 Golden Icons Academy Movie Award, she won the Best Supporting Actress
  • In the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards she was nominated as the Best Actress in a Drama

Grace-Charis Bassey Effah Net Worth

The beautiful mother of one has amassed enough fortune using her talent in the entertainment industry, reliable sources have gathered her net worth to be $3 million.

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