Muyiwa Ademola Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Movies & More

Muyiwa Ademola biography

Muyiwa Ademola is one of Nigeria’s most decorated and talented Yoruba Movie Actors, he is also a filmmaker, producer, and director, popularly known and addressed by many as MUY Authentic. Muyiwa is not only a film actor but also an ambassador for several high-profile brands and companies. He is the founder of the Authentic School of Drama and Film Production.

Biography of Muyiwa Ademola

Muyiwa was born on January 26, 1971, to Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah and Rebecca Ademola in Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. He attended and completed his primary and secondary education at St. David’s high school, Molete, in Ibadan.

Due to financial challenges that faced his family at the time, Muyiwa was unable to get into the university after he completed his secondary school education. He waited for close to 10 years before he could afford to sponsor himself through the higher institution.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree certificate in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Ibadan. Muyiwa who is currently 50 years old as at 2021, is still married to the love of his life Mrs. Omolara Ademola and their union is blessed with five children.

Unlike some actors in Nollywood, his acting career did not start at a very early age, however, his breakthrough was almost instantaneous especially after a collaboration with Charles Olumo who according to Muyiwa, helped his journey into the movie industry.

It was from the same collaboration with Charles that Muyiwa was able to meet movie director S.I Ola who taught him all about acting and movie production. His acting career officially started in 1991 and in 1995, he produced his first movie called Asise meaning Blunder.

He has so far produced so many Nollywood movies and his most notable and perhaps career-changing movie was Ogo Osupa. The movie which earned him some awards propelled his career to the limelight in 1997. He also produced a host of other Yoruba movies like Aderonke, Akinkanju, Iyonu Olorun, Etutu Emi, etc.

Muyiwa Ademola Movies

1995 – 2017

  1. Ile
  2. Ami Ayo
  3. Fimidara Ire
  4. Iranse Aje
  5. Asise – 1995
  6. Fadeyi Oloro – 2001
  7. Orí (Fate) – 2004
  8. Indomie Lomo – 2004
  9. Apesin – 2006
  10. Igi owo – 2007
  11. Owo Okuta (The Law of Karma) – 2008
  12. Omo Elemosho – 2013
  13. Eyinju Eledumare – 2014
  14. Tewe Tegbo – 2014
  15. Eni Owo – 2017


Bipolar (Amodi), Connection, Dairy of Hamzat, Oga Okunrin (Male Chameleon),  Dalemo,  The Golden Seed (Irugbin Wura),  Aimo Ni (Ignorance),  Gbeje Oloko,  Ewatomi,  Adaba,  Eyitayo,  Aro Meta Clinic,  Ji Masun,  Oko mi Ore mi,  Eyitayo,  Ayederu,  Mod’ Orisa (The Epic),  Satan’s Bride,  Ajolaye,  Zombie,  Aarinola,  Ori Olori,  Wahala,  Abawo Mi,  Sunday Igboho,  Alagata (Third Party),  Ewatomi,  Twisted,  Autism,  Sekunola,  Ayo Olopon,  Arugbo Ojo,  Ege,  Osun Wande,  Addict (Baraku),  Eebo bu,  Amunisin 2


2019 – 2020

Omoniyun, Gbarada, Itelorun, Gale Gale, Ekisa, Ija Ekun, Secrets Asiri, Ere Aye, Oro Olori, Eleda Opo, Aforji (Forgiveness), Agbaje Omo Onile, Amope Ajabiiji, Intent (Igbati), Cold Hearted, Survival of Jelili, Omo Anibiire, Part 2, Majele, Hook Up, Ajebi’Dan, Ololufe, Alumooni, Amope Ajabiiji, Asiri Aje, Childe Internationale, Yonusimi, Say It, Shame, Ajanaku, Barrister Seilat, Depression, Omo Ologo, Paradox, Oko Bange, Aje Oja, and The Twins–Ejiworo (Yet to be shot) – 2020, ,


Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions of Muyiwa Ademola

  • He won or was nominated for the following awards listed below.
  • He won the Best Indigenous Film Award at the 1st Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2005
  • He Won Best Actor of the year at the Odua Image Awards in 2015
  • He was nominated at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards for Most Outstanding Indigenous Actor in 2008.
  • He also was nominated for the Glam Male Best Actor Award in 2018
  • He received an Award of Excellence at the Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Award also in 2018
  • He received the Award of Actor of the Year at the Prominent Oyo People’s Award in 2019
  • Enyaa Awards recipient in 2019
  • He was recognized and named the Best Yoruba Actor of the Year at BON Awards in 2015
  • He was nominated at the City People Movie Awards in the Best Yoruba Actor Category in 2017
  • In 2017, He Received Pacesetters Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA) Winner
  • In 2018, He received awards for the Best Director Award from Boblia and Best Versatile Actor at the Greenview Awards.
  • He received the Most Creative Actor Award at the 1st Yoruba Movie Gists Award – 2018

Muyiwa Ademola Net Worth

Muyiwa has enjoyed tremendous success in the Entertainment Industry. His estimated net worth is over $500,000.

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