Judith Ann Hawkins Wikipedia, Age, Bio, Ethnicity and Net Worth

Judith Ann Hawkins wikipedia

Judith Ann Hawkins is the mother of the famous American actress Halle Berry.

Judith Ann Hawkins Wikipedia


– Judith Ann Hawkins was born in Sawley, Derbyshire, England in the year 1939.
– She is currently in her 80s.
– Not much information is available about her early life and upbringing.


– There is limited information about Judith Ann Hawkins’ career.
– It is mentioned that she worked as a hospital assistant.
– Further details about her professional life are not readily available.


– Judith Ann Hawkins and Jerome Jesse Berry were previously married.
– Jerome Jesse Berry also worked as a hospital attendant.
– They have not shared much information about their relationship or marriage.
– It is unclear when they got married or when they divorced.

judith ann hawkins ethnicity

Involvement with Halle Berry

– Judith Ann Hawkins is best known for being the mother of Halle Berry, a famous American actress.
– Halle Berry has had multiple relationships and marriages, but Judith Ann Hawkins’ involvement in those matters is not extensively discussed.
– There is no information available about Judith Ann Hawkins’ role in Halle Berry’s career or personal life.

Net Worth and Controversies

– Judith Ann Hawkins’ net worth is not readily available.
– According to available information, she has had a modest and low-key existence away from major rumors or controversies.

Please note that the available information about Judith Ann Hawkins is limited, and there may be more details about her life that are not mentioned in the search results.

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