Finley Elaine Griffin Bio, Age and Parents

Finley Elaine Griffin

Finley Elaine Griffin Biography

Finley Elaine Griffin is the daughter of American professional basketball player Blake Griffin and his ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron. Here is a brief biography of Finley Elaine Griffin based on the search results:

– Finley Elaine Griffin was born in September 2016 in the United States.
– She was raised with her older brother, Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, and a half-brother, Cole Cameron Leinart from her mother’s side.
– Her father is Blake Griffin who is a famous American professional basketball player. He presently plays for the Detroit Pistons.
– Her mother, Brynn Cameron, is a former college basketball player and a fitness model.
– Finley Elaine Griffin is known for being the daughter of Blake Griffin.
– There is no information available about her education or career as she is still a child.
– Her net worth is not known as she is still a minor and has not started her career yet.

In conclusion, Finley Elaine Griffin parents are Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron. She was born in September 2016 and has two siblings. She is still a child and has not started her career yet.

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