Abimbola Craig Biography, Net Worth, Real Age & Family

Abimbola Roli Craig is known for many things but it would depend on who is asking some she is an actress, a movie producer, a film director, a lawyer, a YouTuber, and to others a content creator. Craig is a dynamic woman with outstanding qualities. She does exceptionally well in whatever she chooses to do at the moment. If the phrase “whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well” was a person it would come in the form of Abimbola Craig. 

Craig, like several other Nigerian actresses, is active on social media and not afraid to lend her voice on matters arising in the entertainment community and Nigeria as a whole, her official Instagram handle is @abimbolacraig.


Growing Up.

 On 3rd November 1986, Abimbola Craig was born. She was born in Warri Delta state, in the south-south geopolitical zone of the nation to a Yoruba father from Ogun State and Itsekiri mother from Delta state but she was raised in Lagos. Her father was an Engineer and her mother was a Lawyer whom she followed in her footsteps.

The Nollywood actress was the second child among three children born by her parents. Craig had a very normal childhood. She lost her father to cancer a few years ago.


Craig started her basic education at the Starland grade school after which she proceeded to Air Force secondary school at Ibadan for her secondary education.

Thereafter Craig went to the University of Buckingham, London, where she studied Law, upon her graduation in London she returned to Nigeria for law school.

She was called to the bar a year after graduating from Law School. 

How Craig’s Career Started.

Abimbola Craig practiced Law for 7 years at these two law firms subsequently, Weber George Egbe Solicitors, and also worked as an associate at Stream Sowers and Kohn. She left her law firm wanting to try something new so she got employment at Ndani TV as a Producer in 2014. She later joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood).

The first movie Abimbola Craig starred in is ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’ where she played a role as Tiwalade. At the time she was supposed to produce the movie but during the auditions, she was playing around and her bosses said she was talented enough to act and encouraged her to give it a shot. She is currently still working at Ndani TV as Head of Productions.


Career Breakthroughs

Abimbola Craig’s outstanding performance in the movie Skinny Girl In Transit was what earned her a spot at stardom, the show is a web series produced by Nadani TV. Her performance in the show went as far as earning her a nomination for the Best Actress in a Comedy at the 2016 AMVCA awards. 


Craig has featured in quite a number of movies of the years and some of them are;

  • My Wife & I (2017)
  • Sugar Rush (2019)
  • Skinny Girl in Transit
  • Phases
  • Rumor Has It
  • The Juice
  • Game On
  • Real Talk
  • Lagos Big Boy
  • Oga! Pastor

Notable Achievements

Barely after a year of starting her career as an actress, she got nominated for a major award, the AMVCA. It is an award that some veterans who have been in the industry for decades have not earned. 


For someone who only recently joined the industry, Craig has won and has been nominated for significant awards In the industry like when she got nominated as the Best Actress in a comedy in Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2016 and she won the TV actress (Terrestrial and Online) of the Year for the 2017 Eloy Awards.


Net Worth

The actress is one of the most influential actresses in Nollywood, she has done well for herself and her net worth is approximately $300,000.

Other Interesting Facts

Abimbola Craig was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014, it was this disease that made her decide to leave a healthy lifestyle as she was overweight before that. She lost her father to cancer so she knew the odds and Craig was brave enough to have surgery to remove the tumor. She is doing fine and living her best life as a single lady at the moment.

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