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adibeli ifeoma faith biography

Adibeli Ifeoma is a 24-year-old Nigerian actress, model and content creator. This Nigerian actress is popularly referred to as “Nollywood Drama Queen” or “the hottest Virgin” by many her fans.

Ify became quite popular within the Nollywood industry after recently being featured in one of Nastyblaq’s videos, a well known Nigerian comedian. This actress and model has featured in several online Nigerian comedian videos like that of Sidney Talker’s for example.

Adibeli Ifeoma started acting in the Nollywood industry when she was just 16 years old. Her first official play was “Sound of War (2014), where she acted the role of “Oge Okoye’s daughter”. Although she was given a minor role in the play, her part remains one of those factors that launched her acting career.

After her first official role in the movie, Ify Adibeli has featured in several other top Nigerian films such as “Hottest Virgins”, “Online Babes”, and even the popular tv series, “Jenifa diaries”.

Ify Adibeli is currently married to Godwen Osahen, a Nigerian entrepreneur. The couple got married back in October 2020.

Ify Adibeli can be reached through her Instagram handle, which is; @Ifyadibeli.



Growing Up.

Ify Adibeli was born on the 25th of September 1996. She is an indigene of Amiocha South, Delta State. She was born into a Christian family of six.  She has three sisters and is the first child in her household. Ify was born and bred in Lagos, where she had her education.

This stunning actress took an interest in acting when she was just a little girl. She took part in school plays and stage performances of her local church. As a young girl, she was also able to perform in dance scenes from local movie productions. She was barely eighteen years old when she got her first official role in “Sound of War”. Although she was given a minor role in the movie, the cash she was paid and her motivation to make it to the top kept her going.

Ify Adibeli’s father did not support the idea of Ify going into acting. According to the actress, her father felt it was just a distraction for the then Teenage Ify. However, as time flew by, her father bought into the idea.


Ify had her primary and Secondary school education in Lagos State, Nigeria. She went to Motherwell Montessori School for her primary education and Victory Home College for her secondary one.

She graduated from National Open University, Nigeria, where she bagged a degree in Mass Communication. She also went to a catering school to gain vocational knowledge.

How Ifeoma Adibeli Faith’s Career Started.

Ifeoma Adibeli had always loved acting ever since she was a little girl. She partook in her school and church’s drama plays during her earlier years. She graduated to performing in local play productions (not church and school) when she accompanied her friend to a movie location. In need of stage dancers for a dance scene, the director urged her to become one of the dancers. She took on the role (although a minor one) and was paid five thousand naira for her participation.

The director later called her for another dancing role, a lead role, and was paid fifteen thousand naira for her efforts. This motivated Ify Adibeli to pursue an acting career. Her first official acting role was in a movie titled “Sound of War (2014), where she played the daughter of a famous movie artist, Oge Okoye.

Within a short while, she was given roles in hit movies like “Online Babes”, “Hottest Virgins”, Blood Enemies and several others. The film “Hottest Virgins” earned her the nickname of “Hottest Virgin”. It is not that she was a virgin before marriage; she got the nickname because of her star role in the movie.

As of 2021, Ify Adibeli is still vibrant within the Nollywood industry. The gorgeous actress plans to set up a movie studio for young girls alone within the next four years.



Career Breakthroughs.

Ify Adibeli started with auditions.  She had some major challenges along the way, but her love for acting made her persevere.

There were situations where she had to take on roles without pay, all for the love of acting. Before she found herself in the spotlight, she took several of these non_paying roles, all of which she believed, if not anything, created future recommendations for her.

According to her, Nollywood can be likened to a marketplace for the good, bad and ugly. There were times in the past where she was given no provisions for accommodation when acting a role. She would have to perch with a female celebrity in a room. In cases like this, she would have to be careful not to offend these female celebrities as she would not want to be sent packing out of the room.

It took Adibeli quite a while before she was noticed within the Nollywood industry. For an upcoming actress like her, there were times whereby the movie scenes she featured in where edited by the managers. Ify Adibeli has been severally discouraged from acting with the things she encountered along the way. She was once intimidated by a star movie producer in Nollywood who told her that she just wasn’t good enough. This made her stop acting for a while, however one way or the other, she picked up her courage and continued in the line of her career path.

Another challenge that Ify encountered was the issue of taking on romantic roles in a movie setting. An interview she once had with Timeyin Adebanjo revealed to her audience that she doesn’t like featuring in romantic scenes because of her family background. She believes that her parents are going to frown upon the idea of her taking on such roles. Apart from that, before her marriage in October 2020, she found the idea of being in a relationship and acting at the same time (especially when taking on romantic roles) quite challenging.  She made it known to her audience that she would take a break from acting after marriage. Even though she knew that taking a break could place a setback on her acting career, she said she would “bounce back”.

Ify Adibeli is also considered a stunning and fair actress who bleached her skin, according to some of her viewers. When confronted about it, Ify revealed to the viewers that she had never for once bleached her skin or surgically worked on her body. However, she is considering a future butt and tummy surgery after going through the phase of childbirth.

As much as Ify values acting, she believes it is not a sufficient source of income. It is for this reason that she has several side hustles that would sustain her. To her, acting is just fun!

Ify Adibeli’s Memorable Moments.

One of Ify’s memorable moments would always remain when featured in one of Nastyblaq’s viral videos. It was this comedy video that gained her massive audience and recognition.

Another of her memorable moments is when she was made an award-winning nominee in 2016, not even in Nigeria but the U.S.A.

Ify has also worked with several star Nollywood movie artists like Oge Okoye, Fredrick Leonard, Funke Akindele and others. Top Nollywood players like these have positively influenced the acting career of Ify Adibeli.

Awards/ Recognition.

In 2016, Ify Adibeli was made a nominee for DeeDee Entertainment Awards in U S.A. Her acknowledgement in the Entertainment Awards made her quite famous within the Nollywood industry. She was also nominated for the Vanguard Personality Awards (2017 edition).

It should  be noted that her recognition in the movie “Hottest Virgins” earned her the nickname of the “Hottest Virgin” and gained her the recognition she needed in the Nollywood industry.

Although Ify Adibeli has yet to bag numerous awards, her active participation within the Nollywood industry is a sign that Ify would get more recognition in the nearest future.



Most famous works (Films/ Music/ Business/N.G.O. as the case may be:

Ify Adibeli has had a fulfilling career within the Nollywood industry. Here’s a list of movies she has featured in so far;

Sound of War (2014)

Hottest Virgins (2016)

Anini Sisters (2016)

Bad Time (2018)

Restless (2018)

Online Babes (2019)

Orange Girl (2020)

My Kids and I (2020)

Rich in Love (2020)

The Devil Between My Legs (2020)

Blood Enemies (2021)

Pregnant For My Own Flesh And Blood (2021)

T.V. Series.

Jenifa Diaries (S2_S4).




Ify Adibeli Faith is quite a dynamic woman. Apart from acting, she ventured into one or two projects along the entertainment and fashion line. It is side hustles that have increased her net worth over the years. Currently, Ify’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000.

Other Interesting Facts To Note.

Adibeli Ifeoma, apart from her acting career, is also the C.E.O. of an online phone company called the “Adys phone brand”. Her company is responsible for selling phones and accessories to customers both locally and internationally. As a fashion influencer, she also owns a fashion brand called “Classic collections”.

That is not all; this gorgeous actress has a branded television channel in her name. Adibeli’s tv is responsible for streaming live Nigerian movies for free.

Apart from acting and modelling, Ify Adibeli also enjoys cooking and swimming.

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