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Cassidy Hutchinson bio

Cassidy Hutchinson Bio

Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson is famous for being the American former White House aide and also assistant to the ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during President Trump’s administration.

Hutchinson was born and raised in Pennington, New Jersey. She attended Hopewell Valley Central High School where she graduated in 2015. She then went on to study at Christopher Newport University where she graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and American Studies in 2019.

Cassidy Hutchinson Career

While she was still in college she interned for Senator Ted Cruz during the summer of 2016 and a year later for the US House of Representatives whip Steve Scalise both who were Republicans. Subsequently, in the summer of 2018, she interned at the White House Office of Legislative Affairs before she became an employee in the office.

Hutchinson became an important member of the White House in 2020 when Mark Meadows became Trump’s fourth chief of staff and chose her to serve as one of his aides. She quickly rose in rank and became Meadows’ main assistant until the end of Trump’s administration. Hutchinson’s official title was Special Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Legislative Affairs. Hutchinson’s office was next to Meadows’ office in the same hall as the Oval Office. Her main responsibility was to take notes at meetings and she often traveled with Meadows, monitoring his phone and relaying his orders.

Hutchinson was subpoenaed to testify at the public hearings of the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. On June 28, 2022, she gave testimony on President Donald Trump’s conduct as well as his senior aides and political supporters before and during the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Her testimony gained public attention; some people applauded her while Trump’s allies criticized her.

Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth

Cassidy Hutchinson’s net worth is reported to be $3 million as of 2021.

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