10 African Countries With The Curviest Women

African countries with curviest women

Women are one of the most exquisite and delicate creatures on earth and they come in different sizes and shapes. The African continent just like the other continents is known to be blessed with beautiful women dripping in melanin but most especially having more curvy women compared to the other parts of the world. But what most people don’t know is that some African countries have more curvy women than others. Ranked from highest to lowest are the 10 African countries with the curviest women below.

African Countries With The Curviest Women


Angola is a blessed country in terms of mineral resources, culture, and of course the curviest women in Africa. Angolan women do not need surgeries for their body shape to be enhanced because their beautiful bodies are sculpted to perfection so much that they give plastic surgeons a run for their money. Our beautiful sisters from Angola take the prize for the curviest women in Africa.


Our sisters in this Eastern African country are taking second place on this list because you need to see how banging the body of Tanzanian women are to appreciate these beautiful beings. Tanzanian women are goddesses in their own right and they don’t have to act the seductress before you become mesmerized, whatever gender you identify with.

South Africa

One unarguably true thing is that South African women are endowed. They have the curves and they know it so they flaunt it because they can. South African women are third on the list. These women show off their amazing curves in their effortless dancing styles. Every other African woman is secretly jealous of how every South African woman can dance so effortlessly. Maybe their secret is in their curves.


Now in western Africa, Ghanaian women have gorgeous luscious curves. Ghanaian women are the finely brewed wine that aged beautifully and tastes better with time. Ghana is blessed with so many things but you have to see their women to testify that indeed they are beyond blessed.


Now Nigerians are known to be the giant of Africa so definitely Nigeria is a blessed country. Out of the many blessings that came out of this beautiful west African country are the women. Nigerian women are endowed in all the right places. Their body features are amazing so they just have to take the fifth place on the list.


The country of Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa so it is a little wonder that they also have curvy women adding their beauty to the amazing sight. Tourists from every part of the world visit Kenya each country, could women be one of the reasons? Lol just joking but on a serious note, Kenya women are gorgeous with their curves.


The glorious Zimbabwean women are ranked seventh. They drip curves and finesse and luckily Zimbabwean men appreciate their women’s curves. These thick curvy women are appreciated all over the world but the reason is not limited to their curves. Zimbabwean women are industrious and amazing all around.

Benin Republic

It would be unfair to ignore this small west African country. One of the first things you will notice once you step into this country is how gorgeous and curvy their women are. Beninese women have one of the most amazing bodies on the planet and they all smell good. Don’t go around sniffing them now…LOL. These underrepresented women are ranked Eighth on our list.


Has anyone else noticed that Ethiopian women’s laugh is so beautiful to watch? I mean from the laugh lines to the dentition it’s a really great sight to behold. Leaving the smile and back to our topic. Ethiopian women have very beautiful curves and they have just the right height to balance these curves so our number nine is going to our Ethiopian sisters.


Our tenth and final place is going to our beautiful women in Cameroon. Cameroonian women have amazing curves and they slay it every time.

Every woman in whatever shape or size is simply amazing no matter the country. This list is made based on the perception of one person. Our intent is not to body shame or bring women down. We love all women around the world.

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