African Countries With the Most Beautiful Women (Top 10)

african countries with the most beautiful women

Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder but undoubtedly women are one of the most beautiful species on this planet. African women on the other hand are extremely beautiful. Their colored skin and curves are one of the most unique things about them. Recently, women of color have been wearing their natural hair, and it is beautiful to behold. African women are beautiful from the hair on their heads down to the soles of their feet. However, this article wants to rank this beautiful African woman; in the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women. Ranking them wasn’t an easy task, anyway below are the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women ranked from descending to ascending order.

African Countries With the Most Beautiful Women


The women of this North African country are taking the 10th position. Moroccan women are one of the most beautiful sets of women in the world. They are tall, slim, fair, and religious. They carry themselves in a way that is unique to only Moroccan women.


Sudanese women are one of the most beautiful women in the world, as a matter of fact, they run the modeling world. Their dark color and height are just beautiful. They are all comfortable in their skin. There is nothing to hate about a Sudanese woman. They got 9th position in our ranking.

South African 

The women of South Africa are placed 8th. They have the curves, the pretty face, industriousness, and finesse. It’s not easy for you to meet a South African woman and not have her embedded in your mind. 


Liberian women are another group of people who ooze perfection. From the curves to the accent to their fashion. It is all forms of gorgeousness at its best. We can’t help but rank these unique women in the 7th position.


If you have met a Zimbabwean woman then you’d know just how beautiful these women are in and out. It is said that they are the best lovers, don’t ask me where I heard that. But these women are utter perfection. They are taking the 6th position.


Just like the Ethiopian spices are the best in the world, so are the Ethiopian women. They have one of the richest cultures and gorgeous women. Ethiopian women know about their beauty so they rule every room they are in. This beautiful group of women is in 5th place.


Cleopatra set the trends for this group of women, they are no joke. Egyptian women are classy, sophisticated, and beautiful. Their beauty is mind-blowing yet these women are one of the most modest people in the world. Modesty can be indeed beautiful. The classy Egyptian women are in 4th place.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leonean women are beautiful. They are picture-perfect. If Africa was a character these women would be the reserved part of the continent yet they are vibrant and full of life and energy. They have the 3rd position. 


Ghana has been generous enough to the African continent yet they had to add these beautiful women as the icing on top. Ghanaian women are sheer perfection. From the melanin to the curves and also the perfectly sculpted face. They have the 2nd position because these beauties deserve it.


Nigerian women are taking the 1st position because with beauty like theirs they deserve it. Nigerian women are one of the most industrious, intelligent, sophisticated, vibrant, witty, and beautiful women on the planet. You can’t encounter a Nigerian woman and not be blessed. Every woman from any tribe in Nigeria is beautiful. They are like pancakes dipped in honey, now you get the picture. Who will not want to have the perfect pancakes for breakfast? Nigerian women will give you a run for your money anytime.

Every woman in whatever shape or size is simply amazing no matter the country. This list is made based on the perception of one person. Our intent is not to body shame or bring women down. We love all women around the world.

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