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Omowunmi Dada biography

Omowunmi Dada is a fast star that is known to have made her mark within the Nollywood Industry. She has also been involved in some really good movies and this article on her biography shows just that. This rising star is not just an actress but also a model, voice-over artist and presenter. The 31-year-old actress began her debut acting career in the year 2013 when she was given a role in the movie titled “Oya”. You can also follow Omowunmi Dada on her instagram page via @omowunmi_dada

Although her acting career started way back before the aforementioned year when she used to partake in several stage plays, she was given minor roles. Omowunmi is best known for her part in the movie “Folake” from the M-net tv series, “Jemeji”. This stunning actress has featured in several Nigerian movies and TV series including series such as Tinsel, So Wrong So Right and much more.

Omowunmi Dada has been very blessed within the acting career. As of 2010, this actress was hardly recognized as she was given minor roles and gigs to play. However, her passion and dedication earned her a spot on the ” hall of fame” within the Nollywood Industry. Today, Omowunmi is known for her major roles in iconic movies and TV series. This actress has not only amassed a large number of followers but has also been nominated for several awards.

However, one thing that should be noted is that as much as Omowunmi Dada is now a fast-rising popular figure, this actress is known to keep her personal life very private. Omowunmi Dada has been interviewed severally, and in these interviews, questions that deals with her personal life have popped up but this stunning actress has gracefully declined to answer them. When asked about her relationship life, the only information Omowunmi Dada always provides is the fact that she is not yet married. The actress has also expressed her views that if she is ever to get married, then it isn’t going to be with an actor.


Omowunmi Dada’s Growing Up & Education.

Omowunmi Dada was born on the 2nd of October 1989 to the family of Mr and Mrs Dada. She hails from Ogun State, South-Western Nigeria. Omowunmi was born and bred in Lagos where she had her education. Right from a very tender age, Omowunmi has had a passion for acting. Not only was she interested in acting but also dancing and singing. This can be backed up by the fact that Omowunmi Dada was a member of a Yoruba Cultural Troupe and was regarded as one of the best bata dancers within the group.


Omowunmi Dada had her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Lagos, Nigeria. She attended Ifako International Nursery and Primary School, and it was here she became a member of the Yoruba Cultural Troupe. She went to Command Day Secondary School, Oshodi and then furthered her education by studying Creative Arts at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Initially, Omowunmi picked “Law”, but after she was denied the course by the university, she went on to pick ” Creative and Dramatic Arts” since her interest originally lies within the niche of entertainment. During her university days, Omowunmi got involved in a number of auditions and participated in various stage plays.

How Omowunmi Dada’s Career Started.

Omowunmi has had an interest in acting since she was a little girl, as a result of that, she participated in various entertaining activities right from her primary school days, which one can boldly say that its a big contributor to her current success within the Nollywood industry. The fact that she studied Creative and Dramatic Arts in school opened a pathway in acting for her. During her university days, she participated in a number of gigs and stage plays although she was given minor roles.

In 2010, Omowunmi got a role in her first major stage performance, “Moremi Ajasoro” that was directed by Femi Oke. In the year 2013, not too long after she left school, Omowunmi starred in her first debut movie “Oya”, where she was given a role as a maiden, although this seems like a minor role, this movie served as the beginning of her career journey within the Nollywood industry.


Omowunmi Dada’s Career Breakthroughs.

As previously mentioned, Omowunmi’s acting career journey started with auditions and stage plays before she was able to get to where she is today. Omowunmi Dada started her acting career with her major stage play, ” Moremi Ajasoro”, where she got a role as a boxing character. Although the role wasn’t soo easy for the stunning actress who had to undergo a series of training to perfect her boxing scenes, however, Omowunmi ended up nailing the role.

In 2013, she starred in her first debut movie, “Oya”, where she got the role of a maiden. This actress, however, rose to limelight when she featured as one of the main characters in the TV series ” Jemeji” where she assumed the character “Folake”.

In 2017, Omowunmi featured in the stage play, ” Isale Eko”, a film that was adopted as part of the activities approved by the government to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lagos state.

In 2018, her childhood dreams of becoming a voice-over artist (animation and the likes) materializes when she was given a chance to play the voice of the leading titular character “Sade” in Nigeria’s very first full-length animated feature film titled “Sade”.

Omowunmi had her challenges within the Nollywood Industry, but obviously, she overcame them. Her small stature and ebony complexion might have served as a hindrance for her to attain great heights within the acting industry if not for her burning passion, dedication and perseverance. One of the very good reasons why Omowunmi is appreciated within the industry is her ability and willingness to take up any acting role which she has successfully done in the past. For her, no role is too small to act, and so one can conclude that this philosophy of hers has helped her become a great force to reckon with within the Nollywood Industry.

Omowunmi has featured in several Nigerian telenovelas and movies. Apart from that, Omowunmi is a popular TV Icon and Presenter that has anchored several TV shows and events. Way back before she started featuring in movies and soap operas, Omowunmi has shown herself on TV as a presenter.

Omowunmi Dada’s Memorable Moments.

In the year 2017 alone, Onowunmi got a number of awards and special recognition for the movies and soap operas she has featured in. Amongst these recognitions is her award for Best Actress in a supporting role in the movie ” Somewhere in the Dark”. She was also nominated for the Best Actress of the year in Nigeria by award-winning filmmaker and critic, Charles Nova. This actress has also been widely recognized for her role in the soap opera “Jemeji”.


Most famous works:

Omowunmi Dada has had an amazing career so far within the entertainment industry as an actress, TV presenter and Brand ambassador. Below is a list of some of the movies and TV series she has featured in;


2012, The Gods are still not to blame.

2014, Ojuju.

2015, The Antique.

2016, Somewhere in the Dark.

2017, Chatch_er

2018, The Ghost and the Tout

2018, Oga Bolaji

2018, Like Dominoes

2019, The Family

2019, Oloture

2020,The Sessions

Television Series.



Tales of Eve, girls only

So Wrong, So Wright

Needles Eye

Featured Animation.

2018, SadeSade

Featured Stage Plays.

Moremi Ajasoro


Isale Eko

For the Love of Country

Trials of Brother Jero.


Omowunmi Dada has been largely recognized for her outstanding works within the Nollywood Industry. In 2017, she was recognized for a number of notable positions. They are;

2017, Nominated for the Best Actress For The Best Year in Nigeria.

2017, Nominated for the Best Actress on Big Screen and TV at the Eloy Awards.

2017, Nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the movie “Somewhere in the Dark” at the 2017 AMVCA Awards.

 Interesting Facts

Omowunmi Dada’s Net worth

Omowunmi Dada is regarded as one of the richest and influential female Nollywood actress in Nigeria. Currently, Omowunmi net worth is around $200,000, this, of course, should not be regarded as official.

Other interesting facts

Omowunmi Dada is not just an actress, TV host, Model and Voice over artiste, this stunning actress has also been involved in a number of NGO activities as she is a lover of Children and empowerment programmes. This stunning actress is;

An Ambassador for Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation

An Ambassador for Brian Wotari Foundation that focuses mainly on enriching and engaging the lives of youths.

Omowunmi is also a brand ambassador for Jumia, Nigeria.


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