Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi – Biography & Networth

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi biography

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi is a Nigerian scriptwriter, actor and model who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra to be precise. He is a prominent Igbo actor popularly known as Swanky JKA. He was born on the 17th of October, 1991 in Enugu city. The Nigerian actor got married this year on the 10th of September to his beautiful and lovely girlfriend, Chisom.

Jide has been in the industry since 2014 but got active in 2015 till date. The use of social media to communicate and get in touch with fans and the world is common in the world of celebrities. The same can be said of Jide, who is an active user of social media, where he posts contents relating to his work and lifestyle. You can reach him via his Instagram and Twitter handles-  @iamjidekene while his Facebook and YouTube handles are Jide Kene Achufusi. He is most famous for his role in the hit movie titled Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, 2019.

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi Growing up and Education

Jide Kene Achufusi was born and bred in the abode of a humble Christian Igbo family in Enugu. While growing up, Jide was involved in so many activities. He was once a part-time model, a part-time actor, an organiser of fashion shows and events and also a writer. Jide Kene came to self-realization of his acting abilities in his secondary schools days. He realized he could mimic the behavioural patterns of several people.

Jide is a well-educated actor as he passed through all forms of formal education. He has his nursery education in Ebonyi state, his primary education in Enugu. He was enrolled into the Watcherman Owned Secondary School in Imo state. Jide Kene got admitted into the University of Science and Technology in Enugu state and got his degree in geology and geography. He also had a diploma in business and film. Passionate about his acting career, he pursued it rather than the course he studied at the university.

How Jide’s Career Began

The prominent eastern actor, Jide has been active in the movie industry since 2014, where he started out by playing supporting roles in several Nollywood movies. Born and bred in Eastern Nigeria, his acting career started in Enugu where he featured in about ten movies of Ernest Obi. Getting more rooted in the movie industry, Jide got the opportunity to play some lead roles in movies. In 2016, he starred as Xavier in Poka Messiah; he starred as Kelly in A Lonely Lane, he also starred as Michael in Pretty Little Things that same year. All through the early stage of his acting career, he worked closely with two actors-Ernest Obi and Obi Emelonye. He got mentorship and several opportunities to display and improve his acting abilities.

In 2018, he featured in the blockbuster movie by Genevieve titled Lionheart. In 2019, Jide’s career moved up the scale at a mouth gaping speed when he was made the lead actor as Nnamdi Okeke in the Living Bondage: Breaking Free. This 2019 Nollywood drama was a sequel to the classic 1992/1993 Living in Bondage that featured casts such as Kanayo O. Kanayo. This 2019 thriller was directed by one of Nigeria’s compassionate and artistic actors, Ramsey Nouah and produced by Charles Okpaleke. This 2019 movie brought out Jide Kene from his comfort zone to the western part of Nigeria. It was his first time working in Lagos.

He worked closely with Ramsey Nouah whom he considered a challenging and tasking director and co-worker which aided his acting career. He never relented nor relaxed in throwing in his best at all times in his role as the lead actor. Jide Kene was also able to work closely with Charles Okpaleke who moved the bar of his acting career a notch higher. Working with Charles gave him the opportunity to understand and learn not only the lifestyle of being an actor but also the business side of it. His eagerness and determination to come out the best got him signed into the Play Network owned by Charles Okpaleke.

Being signed into the Play Network gave him leverage to explore more and get insights into the movie industry, which needs more expansion, exposure and collaboration. The Play Network also gave him the opportunity to see and know more influential movie stars, several influencers and CEOs. Jide has time and again effortlessly and skillfully blended the different roles of different characters in each movie he has featured in.

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi Career Breakthrough

Being in the movie industry for several years, Jide didn’t have his career breakthrough until 2019 where he starred as the charismatic Nnamdi Okeke in the Living in Bondage: Breaking Free movie. He was the lead actor in the movie and became the face of this blockbuster Nollywood movie.

Memorable Moments of Jide Kene Achufusi

There are numerous memorable moments a person can have in his course of his career, but only a few can be captured. The same goes for Jide. One of those memorable moments in the course of his life is becoming the lead actor and the face of a blockbuster Igbo movie. The 2019 hit movie boosted the growth of the promising Nigerian actor’s career in all of Nollywood. He won a number of awards and recognition through this movie too. Another memorable moment is his wedding which took place this on the 10th of September 2020.

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi Movies

Jide has walked a long way on his road to success in the movie industry since he joined. He has relentlessly worked hard to build a legacy for himself in the movie industry. Here are about ten lists of acting credits to his name:

Burning Bridges was released in 2014 where he played the role of Manny.

Poka Messiah released in 2016 where he played the lead role as Xavier.

A Lonely Lane released in 2017 where he played the lead role as Kelly.

Pretty Little Things released in 2017, starred as Michael.

Black Rose released in 2018 where he played the role of Nelo.

Crazy, Lovely, Cool released in 2018 and starred as Neo.

Lionheart released in 2018 where he played the part of a reporter.

Ofuobi released in 2019 where he starred as Jide.

Living in Bondage: Breaking Free released in 2019 where he starred as Nnamdi Okeke.

Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards released in 2020 where he starred as Chidi.

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi Awards/Recognitions

Jide Kene Achufusi is an actor with several awards and accolades within and outside the movie industry. He is well known for a number of films he starred in, especially in his hit movie. In 2018, he emerged the winner of the Best of Nollywood Awards. He was awarded the Best Actor in Leading Role category for A Lonely Lane. Also in 2018, he was nominated for the Best of Nollywood Actor under the Best Actor in Leading Role category for Ofuobi but didn’t win. In 2020, he was also nominated for the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards under Best Actor category for Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, but didn’t win. Also the same year, he won the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards under Trailblazer Award category for Living in Bondage: Breaking Free.

Before his decision to join the entertainment industry, Jide worked as a model. He once contested for Mr Ideal Nigeria and emerged 6th of 40 contestants. This has given him some exposure and recognition to the public aside his movie career.

Jideofor Kenechukwu Achufusi Net Worth

Not much can be said about Jide’s net worth like other movie stars in the industry. However, you would expect a hardworking and committed actor like Jide, who has acted in several top movies to be worth much. When we have an updated information about Jide’s net worth, we will let you know.

Other Interesting Facts

Jide Kene Achufusi is versatile. He is an actor, a scriptwriter and a model. Jide Kene got a diploma and degree in geology and geography, film and business. He is still interested in learning a thing or two about photography, business and media. Jide also has an outstanding height which is six feet and four and a half inches. In one interview, he confirmed that acne was one of the toughest things he faced while growing up.


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