Lance Reddick Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth and Cause of Death

Lance Reddick wiki

Lance Reddick is an American actor and musician, born on December 31, 1962, in Baltimore, Maryland. He is best known for his roles in popular television series such as “The Wire,” “Fringe,” and “Bosch.”

Lance Reddick Wikipedia

Reddick graduated from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, where he studied classical music. After graduation, he worked as a musician in various orchestras before deciding to pursue a career in acting.

He made his acting debut in the 1996 film “The Siege,” and soon landed a recurring role on the HBO series “Oz.” However, it was his portrayal of Cedric Daniels on the acclaimed HBO series “The Wire” that brought him widespread recognition.

Reddick has also had recurring roles on several other TV shows, including “Lost,” “Fringe,” and “American Horror Story,” among others. He has also appeared in numerous films, including “John Wick,” “White House Down,” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

In addition to his acting career, Reddick is also an accomplished musician. He has released two albums, “Contemplations & Remembrances” and “Seasons,” both of which showcase his skills as a jazz pianist.

Reddick has received critical acclaim for his work as an actor, including two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for his role on “The Wire.” He continues to work in both film and television, and his fans eagerly anticipate his future projects.

Lance Reddick has appeared in a wide range of movies and TV shows. Here are some of his notable roles:

Lance Reddick Movies and TV Shows

The Siege (1998), Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), John Wick (2014), White House Down (2013), The Guest (2014), Jonah Hex (2010), The Way of War (2009), The I Inside (2004)


The Wire (2002-2008), Fringe (2008-2013), Bosch (2014-2021), Oz (1997-2003), Lost (2004-2010), Intelligence (2014), American, Horror Story: Coven (2013-2014), Corporate (2018-2019), Castle Rock (2018-2019), Titans (2021)

Reddick has also lent his voice to several video games, including “Horizon Zero Dawn,” “Destiny,” and “Quantum Break.”

Lance Reddick Net Worth

Lance Reddick’s net worth was estimated to be around $3 million USD. However, please keep in mind that celebrity net worth can fluctuate over time and this figure may not be entirely accurate or up-to-date.

Lance Reddick Cause of Death

Reddick died in the early hours of March 17th, 2023 and was said to be of natural causes. He died at the age of 60 at his Studio City in Los Angeles.

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