Frank Donga Biography, Net Worth & Real Age

Kunle Idowu popularly known as Frank Donga is a Nigerian-born actor, filmmaker, journalist, and comedian. Kunle Idowu got his nickname from the movie Idahosa Trials where he played the role of Frank Donga. He has a lot of other nicknames but that just stuck and so many people do not know that Frank Donga is not his real name.

Idowu is a super talented actor and comedian, he said in an interview a few years ago that he had not been in the entertainment industry “he’d probably be doing recombinant DNA research in a laboratory somewhere in the world”. 

He is one of those people who put their all in whatever they do, commitment means everything to Actor Kunle Idowu.

He is on social media and his official Instagram page where his fans can reach out to him is @frankdonga_.


Growing Up.

The award-winning actor was born on the 13th of October, his precise year of birth is unknown but by his looks, he is a middle-aged man. He is from the southwestern part of Nigeria making him a Yoruba man by the tribe. Additional Information about him growing up is not available as to when this article is being written. 


Kunle Idowu studied Agricultural Science at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) for his bachelor’s degree. He proceeded to get his Master’s degree in Animal Genetics at the famous University of Ibadan.

He proceeded to Kogi State where he practiced agriculture for a while with rearing cattle and fish farming during his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

How Idowu’s Career Started.

After Idowu graduated with a master’s degree in genetics, he worked briefly as a journalist. He got his first job in a media company, set up a TV station, and was taught by some of the most outstanding journalists in the nation. However, he grew up with an intense appetite for performance art. He played the lead guitarist and the keyboardist. He played from church to school; wrote songs, sang, and rapped, so performing arts for him was inbuilt.

He was an artist in secondary school. He created comics. Therefore making a transition from agriculture to entertainment was natural for him. He practiced agriculture for a bit during his service year in Kogi state. 

He started his acting and comic career in his high school days so it’s difficult to tell when his career in Nollywood officially started.


Career Breakthroughs

He rose to fame in 2013 when he was featured in the web series, The Interview, on Ndani TV, the story was about an unassuming job-seeker. He was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy in the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award in 2015 for his role in the series. He has since then featured in several movies like the hit movie The Wedding Party and its sequel The Wedding Party 2.


Idowu has starred in several movies and TV series and some of them are listed below;

  • The Interview –2013
  • The Boot –2016
  • Flatmates –2017
  • The Condo –2017
  • The Wedding Party –2016
  • Idahosa Trials –2016
  • Tatu –2016
  • Mentally –2016
  • Hakkunde –2017
  • The Wedding Party 2 –2017
  • Falz Experience: The Movie –2017
  • The OAP –2017
  • Seven and a Half Date –2017
  • 200 Million –2017
  • The Washerman –2018
  • Funke! –2018
  • The Foreigner’s God –2018
  • Crossroads –2018
  • Soft Work –2020
  • Swallow –2021

Notable Achievements

In the entertainment industry, Idowu has achieved quite a lot, he has become a household name, signed several endorsement deals, and earned a place for himself in the industry.


It’s only fair for one to be recognized for their hard work and dedication, kunle Idowu has earned some awards and recognition in the Nigerian movie industry, they are listed below;

  • Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards nominee for Best Actor in a Comedy 2015
  • Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actor 2018
  • Africa Movie Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role 2018
  • The African Film Festival (TAFF) was nominated for Best Actor 2018 and he won


Net Worth

Kunle Idowu’s net worth is estimated to be $150,000. He might not be among the industry wealthiest but he is doing just fine at his own pace.


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