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brain jotter biography comedy net worth

Many viewers can testify that the significant reason Brian Jotter’s skits became quite popular is his ” Don’t Stress Me” attitude. Some of his skits portray a scene whereby he tries to interact with a girl, hoping to win her over. However, one way or the other, things don’t go as planned. The typical guy would remain calm, act like a gentleman, hoping the lady would still later reconsider him, but in most cases, Brian Jotter would walk out of the lady or insult her in other ways.

Brain Jotter Biography

His real name is Chukwuemeka Amuzie, and he is 26 years of age. Emeka goes by the stage name, ‘Brain Jotter‘. He is a Nigerian comedian, actor and content creator. He is known for his Instagram and YouTube comedy skits.

He became widely acknowledged as a comedian in 2020 after some of his Instagram comedy skits went viral. His collaborations with popular Nigerian icons such as; Don Jazzy, Bovi,  Ada Jesus and the likes have gained him massive recognition locally and internationally.

Although Brain Jotter is a comedian who recently surfaced on the Nigerian entertainment scene, many Nigerians already want to identify with him. This comedian has over 590k followers and 221 posts. Within the short time he showed up on the entertainment scene, he advertised products for several brands.

There is currently no information surrounding the relationship life of Brian Jotter, although it is certain that the comedian isn’t yet married. The comedian is yet to display any lady as his girlfriend, and this is because Brian Jotter is still a new face within the entertainment scene.

Brain Jotter’s Instagram handle is @brainjotter, and his YouTube page is Brain Jotter Comedian.



Growing Up.

Brian Jotter was born on the 5th of February 1995. He is an indigene of Owerri, Imo state. Brian Jotter has been making people laugh right from his childhood years. Even when he was still in secondary school, he was known for participating in stand up comedies.

Brian Jotter moved to Ghana, where he obtained a new sort of lifestyle at one point in his life. His interactions and experiences with different people from various tribes have made him fluent in multiple languages.  Brian can speak Yoruba, Igbo, French, Kiswahili and English fluently.

He is currently based in Lagos State, where he makes his comedy skits.

Brain Jotter Education.

Brian Jotter graduated from the University of Lagos, where he studies Business Administration. He also attended Ghana National University. However, no record reveals whether he graduated from the school or not.

How Brian Jotter’s Career Started.

Brian Jotter started with stand up comedies in his earlier years. He featured in a series of comedy shows during his university days. He stepped up in 2020 when he started posting comedy skits on his Instagram page. Some of his videos were reposted by Top Nigerian personalities, and his online audience grew in no time.

At the turn of 2021, Brian Jotter utilized web-based media to connect more accessible and faster with his viewers. His ability to reach his audience through his web-based media shot him into the limelight.

Brian Jotter is famous for his “No Stress” or ” I don’t care” attitude in his comedy skits, many of which his viewers enjoy. His signature ending remains picking up his shoes during a conversation and to leave the scene in other to avoid an unpleasant situation. He is also known for using the slang “Abeg get out” when he is about to cut a conversation short.

Brian Jotter’s satirical skits have earned him the attention of Notable Nigerian icons such as Don Jazzy, Ada Jesus, Makana and several others.



Brain Jotter Career Breakthroughs.

Social media handles have a way of showcasing people’s talents to the world. Chukwuemeka has long been wowing his audience with his satirical comedies. Still, his lack of utilization of online pages did not gain him recognition until 2020, when he started posting skits on Instagram.

Some Nigerian icons acknowledged him, who reposted his comedy skits, spreading them to the right audience. One Nigerian celebrity that brought him into the limelight was Tunde Ednut when he reposted some of his comedy skits.

In 2021, he doubled his audience by making use of web-based media to spread his comedy skits. Within a short time, he gained massive viewers and thus began his life as a celebrity comedian.

Brain Jotter’s Memorable Moments.

One of Brain Jotter’s Memorable moments would always remain when he was acknowledged by several Nigerian celebrities and was allowed to collaborate with them.

Another memorable moment was when some of his skits were reposted by Tunde Ednut. This simple act gained him lots of viewers and followers and continues to do so.


It would be worth noting that Brain Jotter was nominated as the 2021 next rated comedian of the year in the Denisa Awards. Although he hasn’t bagged several awards yet, his recognition within the entertainment scene is enough to prove that he would win more prizes in the nearest future.


Most famous works (films/music/business/NGO as the case may be:

Brain Jotter is a fast-rising artist that has amassed several comedy gigs within a short space of time. Here’s are some of the comedy gigs produced by him so far;

Brain Jotter Comedy

Papa Benji (2021)

No Stress (2021)

Thunderbolt; Adventure of Solo (2021)

Bovi and Brain Jotter (2021)

The Therapist (2021).


Brain Jotter Comedy skits 2021

Baby Come and Take Me Out.

Player Unknown_Battleground.

Me on Valentine’s Day.

2021 Be Like.

This Could Be Us But No Be Everyday We Dey Watch Zee World.

Love is Stressful ft Goldie and Romecvisuals.

#End Sara Brutality (This is How I Almost Lost My Destiny).

Romance Gone Wrong.

Picture Addicts.

With Due Respect Wahala.

Visa Interview Gone Wrong.

Congo Accent Wahala.

Ghost and Yash.

The Robbery.

He Shocked Her ft Goldie and Spicy.

The Ghost Without Yash.

I Don Cuz Accident (Ft Bright light Comedy).


Brain Jotter Net Worth

Brainjotter, the fast-rising comedian, has amassed so much income within a short space of time. Although there isn’t a fixed amount placed on his net worth, it’s estimated to be around $500,000.

Other Interesting Facts To Note.

Brain Jotter is an ambassador of various brands. The comedian is an ambassador of Hair_Solution, AJ Global Ventures and Armotale Express, amongst several others.

Note also that BJEM Records currently manages brain Jotter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Jotter

Where did Brain Jotter Come From?

Brain Jotter is from Imo State.

Is Brain Jotter a graduate?

Yes he is, he finished from Business Admin in UNILAG.

What is Brain Jotter Net Worth?

His current net worth is about $500K.

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