Maria BBNaija Biography, Net Worth and More

Maria’s full name is Maria Chike Agueze, she was born in 1992. BBNaija Maria is a smart and beautiful Nigerian television personality, Air hostess, and a realtor. She hails from Imo state, Nigeria.

The 29-year-old has been labelled as the air hostess who turned into a real estate mogul. On the side or during leisure, she enjoys working out, climbing, cooking, acting, and traveling.  Maria talks about herself as an adoring and warm-hearted individual who is continually searching for new ways to explore life.

The real estate mogul has travelled to a lot of places except for Antarctica due to her job as an Air Hostess. After flying across the world, she resigned for a higher career in Real Estate.

Her experiences as a traveler enhanced her love for meeting new individuals. Maria is very tenacious and not afraid to face any challenge that comes her way.  So much has not been said about her relationship life publicly so fingers are being crossed.

Maria Chike Agueze is also one of the ‘Shine ya eye’ BBNaija Season 6 housemate.

Maria’s Early Life and Education

Early Life

The day and month of Maria’s birth is not known yet but BBNaija Maria was born in 1992. She hails from Imo state, Nigeria. Although She lives in Nigeria, she’s mostly in Dubai because of her job.

The Reality Tv personality grew up with an appetite for traveling around the world because of her exploratory personality.


Nothing has been revealed about Maria’ education yet.

How Maria’s Career started

The 29-year-old BBNaija Season 6 Housemate started out as an Air Hostess, travelling around the Planet, fulfilling her dream of being a tourist.

After a successful career as an air Hostess, Maria ventured into Real Estate majorly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Maria’s travelling experience was a huge edge for her in her real estate business.

The Television personality has experienced numerous undertakings, learning various cultures, dialects, lifestyles, and customs. Maria is a strong lady with a wealth of contribution to people’s life.

Maria’s Career breakthrough

BBNaija Maria hit the spot light and became a sought-after personality after appearing as one of the contestants in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 in 2021.

So it can be said that Maria Chike Agueze got her major breakthrough when she was selected and announced by Ebuka BBNaija Host as one of the housemate competing for the 90 million Naira grand prize.

BBNaija Maria talks about herself as being confrontational and she believes her opinions are always right; but she is also an image of affection in human structure.

Her loyal fans called the MARIANS are constantly dumbfounded by her harsh side when people step on her toes or underrate her power.  She said “I can get outrageous when slighted without limit.”. Her army of fans are growing constantly on social media on her Instagram page @mariachikebenjamin and twitter page @mariachike.

Maria BBNaija Net Worth

Though Maria BBNaija Season 6 housemate has a great career before going to the Big Brother house, her networth has not been estimated or known yet. And she’s also on a quest to earn herself the BBNaija Grand prize of 90 Million naira.

Fun fact

BBNaija Maria is a linguist

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