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Jackie B bbn biography

Jackie Bent popularly known as Jackie B, the BBNaija Season 6 housemate has raised the eyebrows of attention of many Nigerians. Lovers of the Big Brother Naija reality Tv show as to who she is, where she’s from and what she represents.

Jackie B BBNaija Biography

Jackie Bent, who was born on December 1st 1992, (29 year old) is a Nigerian Reality TV Star, an interior designer and wedding planner, a Fashion personality and a single mother. Jackie Bent gained Media attention as one of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate contesting for the mouthwatering grand prize of 90 million naira.

Jackie B once lived in the UK where she had her University Education. The 29-year-old in her words loves hustle and anything that brings money. She poses as a problem solver and a go-getter who will not take no for an answer. She said on a lighter note that her tenacity and zealousness sometimes is misjudged to be too ambitious by her mother.

Jackie B stated in an interview that she is an “introverted extrovert” which is quite difficult to believe because of her friendly and outspokenness, but the statement can be said to be true because she only reciprocates the kind of energy she receives from an individual; it won’t be wrong to say her mood is determined by the people or person around her. Hence, her introverted extrovert personality.

Jackie Bent got pregnant when she was nineteen and had a son Nathan.


Jackie B’s Early Life and Education

Early Life

The Reality TV Star Jackie B is from a family of 12, born in Adamawa State, Nigeria. She hails from Adamawa state. Her Primary and Secondary education were in Lagos before she moved to the United Kingdom. She travelled to the United Kingdom in her teen years where she also completed her tertiary education.

She stated that living in Lagos State has influenced a big part of her life.

At an Early age, the BBNaija celebrity got pregnant for her then boyfriend and had a son Nathan who has become one of her biggest obsessions. She stated how hard it is for her to stay away from her son when she entered the big-brother house.

Jackie B is a daughter to the former senator Grace Folashade Bent.



Jackie B had her primary education and her secondary education in Lagos state between 1994- 2005. She furthered her education in the United Kingdom, though her course of study is still unidentified to the public.

Jackie B’s Career

Jackie Bent started a career as a fashion personality. Due to her self-driven passion, her Exploratory personality and her keen heart for problem solving, she dived into Interior decoration and wedding planning with a vision of seeing people’s dreams and events come through.

Though Jackie cannot be labeled as a “jack of all trade”, She loves anything that brings money and can be arguably tagged as a hustler.

Jackie B’s Career breakthrough

2021 can be said to be the big bang year for Jackie Bent. The enthusiastic and passionate wedding planner who was selected by Nigeria biggest Reality Television show management; The BBNaija Show.

The BBNaija Host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu announced Jackie B has one of the BBNaija Season 6 Housemate contending for the grand prize of 90 million naira. She was the 14th housemate to enter the Big-Brother Naija house.

Since this big hit, Jackie B’s Instagram handle @thejackiebent and twitter handle @Official Jackie_B #BBNaija has gained thousands of recognition and followers and it’s growing as the stream of her fan base keeps getting wider. Jackie mentioned in an interview with Big Brother that her strategy to win the Show is to be honest, direct, blunt and stay ten steps ahead of her fellow housemates.

Jackie B’s Memorable Moment

The day she gave birth to Nathan her son on the 17th October 2012; she takes to Instagram to display her affection and gratitude for her son’s birth.

Another memorable time for Jackie B is when she walked into the Big Brother Naija House. This moment was overwhelming and extremely unbelievable for the Television personality.

Jackie B’s Networth

The popular BBNaija Housemate is said to have come from a rich family. She has amassed a wealth of about $150,000 to $350,000.

Fun fact

Jackie B loves traveling.

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