JayPaul BBNaija Biography, Networth and More

It’s definitely a good time to talk about one of the BBNaija Housemate, JayPaul. If you are a fan of the BBNaija show, then you must have asked; Who is JayPaul?

Paul Ephraim also known as JayPaul was born in 1992 and bred Lagos state, Nigeria. He hails from  cross river state. He stated that his grandfather is from a Royal family in Calabar. The 29-year-old Tv personality is a Musician and Actor. He is currently single and ready to mingle.

Jaypaul’s Early Life and Education

Early Life

JayPaul was born and bred in Lagos by both parents Mr and Mrs Ephraim.  He is a Lagos based actor and musician. JayPaul’s hobbies are making movies, music, dancing and cooking. The BBNaija star believes in strong family ties. As he sees his father as his mentor in the film industry.


Paul had his primary and secondary education in Lagos state, though details of his tertiary education is yet to be known, there are guesses that he would have studied theater Art from the University of Lagos.

How Jaypaul’s Career Started

The Tv Personality started his acting career with the Famous and prestigious ‘Kid Knows Best’ (KKB) show at age 11. JayPaul stated that his dad exposed him to the screen and entertainment industry early enough due to the fact that he’s dad was a filmmaker and the first Animator in Nigeria.  

Jaypaul’s Career breakthrough

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Jay Paul has revealed that he was supposed to be among ‘Lockdown’ BBNaija season 5 housemates. However, he was turned back 45 minutes to climbing the stage, but failed to reveal the reason for this action.

And even though JayPaul had gone through setbacks he rose to fame when he was selected to be among the BBNaija season 6 housemate.

And since he became a BBNaija housemate, his fans called the FLAMEZ are recording a massive increase in their numbers daily. His Instagram page is @jaypaulmrflamez and twitter page is @jaypaulmrflamez.

Jaypaul’s Memorable Moment

One of the most memorable moments for BBNaija Jaypaul is getting to know that he will be one of the BBNaija season 6 housemates competing for the grand prize of 90 million naira.

Jaypaul’s Networth

Jaypaul is an entertainer and entrepreneur, but his networth has not been publicly declared.


He can’t str*p n*ked on a national Tv.


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